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Last week, Ricardo Arjona was in Guatemala, and here worked on the project from his new album.

Last week, Ricardo Arjona was in Guatemala, and here worked on the project from his new album. This was stated by the singer himself the newspaper El Nuevo Dia in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican artist interviewed morning, the weekend who returned to the country to offer another concert Journey Tour.

  <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  afina detalles para lo que será su próximo trabajo discográfico
    "Cavemen´s voice and was you, among many successes, was in a remote place in Guatemala yesterday, recording what will be his new production that launched in 2016, with whom he considers his best subjects, but who were not so impact as other ", he said the newspaper in its edition of August 6.

"I´m just off a speaker and a microphone picking up mine to blow pure guitar songs because despite the many noises still appealing to the essentials: the text and the music," confided the Guatemalan newspaper.
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The daughter of Guatemalan way into Hollywood on merit.

Ricardo Arjona is pure verb, but his daughter Adria is a noun beautiful. The actress of 23 years appears in the second season of True Detective series, released last month worldwide, in which she plays Emily, the girlfriend of Paul Woodrugh sexi (Taylor Kitsch), who also appears in the HBO show.

  La versión de<strong> Arjona</strong>  que arrasa en Hollywood se llama ADRIA
    Adria, the eldest daughter of the relationship his father had with Puerto Rican Leslie Torres, who the singer broke up in 2005, also won the title of the Emerald City series, NBC, which will be held soon and is inspired The Wizard of Oz.

  La versión de<strong> Arjona</strong>  que arrasa en Hollywood se llama ADRIA
    In an interview with men's magazine GQ, Adria says his technique is to keep the mystery romance and pretend it is not interested in the guy who courts. However, sometimes it does not give result. "Men are intimidated because they do not understand; should be taught to read minds, "he said.

  La versión de<strong> Arjona</strong>  que arrasa en Hollywood se llama ADRIA
    In the first scene of True Detective in which he appears, Adria has a very "special" performance, receiving the official Woodrugh in his bed in tiny lingerie, and when the star leaves the bathroom a scene of sexual content.

  La versión de<strong> Arjona</strong>  que arrasa en Hollywood se llama ADRIA
    For the actress, this type of paper are important because they are beyond a stereotype of Latinos. "We are proud that the US market is opening doors to women and Latino men, and they see that not only the 'mommy'; but it's okay to be open to natural America that has both good and bad.

The Hispanic market is also understood that not all are like that, that some are painful. "

His arrival in the HBO production talent to join Collin Farrell, Vince Vaughn Rachel McAdams and was the largest, over his performance in the challenge series.

"It was a challenge to get to this TV show, but here you feel in family and work as a team and not feel a challenge, it's like being at home. The challenge rather it was in, "he says.

Step opens

Adria began her career in modeling and was gradually finding the opportunity to go to castings while working as a hostess in bars in New York. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, where still looking projects.

"I feel very lucky, I feel I do not think so. I'm very happy with how people are reacting to the series. I feel very proud to be part of a show like this, because the things that makes a production like this are elegant and very deep, "he says.

Adria explains the universal.com.mc for her surname Arjona is not a burden and recognizes that his father did help him at first.

"My dad helped me because he put me on a stage and showed me the world, advised me to read great books, he gave me the tools," he says.

Besides appearing on the HBO series, the 23-year-old was in two seasons of Person of Interest (CBS). His other television appearances were in Unforgettable (CBS) and Narcos (Netflix).

According to his autobiography site imdb.com, he studied acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.
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The singer will perform at double function: on Saturday August 22, at 8:30 pm, and an extra function, Sunday August 23, at 7:30 pm. Both functions will be held at the Palacio de los Deportes.

"Ricardo Arjona is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed Dominican stars. The high number of tickets already sold and the high demand by the public are tangible proof of this. Therefore, as popular demand, we opened a new function for all music lovers can enjoy live Arjona this historic tour, "said Cesar Suarez Jr., producer of the show.

  Cerveza Presidente invita a todos los dominicanos a disfrutar, en vivo del `viaje tour´ de <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  
    The ballots for the two functions are for sale at Ticket Express & Uepa Tickets: Premium harrows RD $ 1,500; Platea Gold RD $ 2,500; VIPRD $ 4.500.

"Beer Chairman invited all Dominicans to enjoy, live, this great concert, as part of the attractions that bring the Summer 2015. President talked about a great show at the height of an artist of the stature and caliber of Ricardo Arjona , "said Melissa Martinez, President brand manager.

Presidente beer special VIP feature in the concert. To be part of this space, the public should only participate in the dynamics that develop the brand through their social networks; CervPresidente On Instagram and Twitter, and on Facebook Presidente Beer.

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For now it is best known as the daughter of Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona , but Adria´s growing fame achieved emulate or perhaps displace his father

For now it is best known as the daughter of Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona , but Adria´s growing fame achieved emulate or perhaps displace his father, because this beautiful brunette of 23 years is taking firm steps in acting and now shines in the cast of the second season of True Detective, sharing work with renowned actors such as Collin Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams.

  Adria<strong> Arjona</strong> , brilla con luz propia en la segunda temporada de True Detective 
    The series is Sunday, at 22, on HBO (Digital Signal Supercanal 450).

International from cradle

Adria, as we said, is the daughter of Guatemalan father and Puerto Rican mother, Leslie Torres. She was born in Puerto Rico, which has US citizenship. Part of his childhood was spent in Mexico, until at age 12 moved to Miami, assume following the course of his artistic father.

At 18 he went to New York to study at the prestigious Institute Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film, while he earned a living as a model and waitress.

His most prominent role was in the television series Unforgettable and Person of Interest. Currently, it is in True Detective Emily´s girlfriend Woodrugh Paul Wheeler (Taylor Kitsch). She believes that in recent years the American film and television have opened the door for Latinos, not only to play sexy characters or would like to add criminals like billionaire Donald Trump- but as an active part of American society.

But the good star Adria does not stop at this excellent present. Already it confirmed as part of the cast of Emerald City, the series of NBC inspired by The Wizard of Oz, where will the skin of Dorothy, the protagonist role in the film made Judy Garland and became a classic of cinema of all time.

As for the film, in 2016 we will see in The Belko Experiment, a horror film directed by Greg McLean, which revolves around an American company, based in South America where their employees will face a deadly dilemma: either suicide or kill each other.

Adria is just beginning. His dad is prepared to share the podium of fame.
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The employer also canceled the concert `conciertos´ in Bogota.

A month after canceling the concert `conciertos´ in Bogota, businessman Ricardo Leyva announced another cancellation: this time it´s the show that Ricardo Arjona planned offer in Cartagena on Saturday July 18 at the bullring.

  Cancelado concierto de <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  por desacuerdos con la empresa Magusa Logistic 
    "Unfortunately and by common agreement the artist with the producer of the tour in Colombia, due to disagreements with the company Magusa Logistic, responsible for transport of the load" Tour Travel "which make it impossible to carry the show and despite having several sold out, we decided to cancel the concert of Ricardo Arjona in Cartagena on 18 July in the Bullring "wrote businessman in his Facebook profile, Ricardo Leyva Productions. The "Travel Tour" Ricardo Arjona was presented in Bogotá on July 2 in Cali 4, 11 in Medellin, cities where as the organizer of the tour in Colombia sparked "crazy unprecedented in his followers, more 80 thousand people were able to look closely at their shows in Bogota, Cali, Medellin and Pereira, each with box office completely exhausted. "

On the money back, Ricardo Leyva Productions reports that "will be performed at authorized Tuboleta physical points from next July 21".

This cancellation of Ricardo Leyva Producciones joins the `Concert of Concerts´ which was scheduled for June 20 in Bogota. As reported last month the employer made the decision for breach of artist Daddy Yankee.

"Although there is a written contract and with appropriate financial advances, through his booking agency (Daddy Yankee) took abusive conduct demanding additional payments made no reference to the agreed therein, under the permanent threat of not complying with the presentation agreed, "he said in a statement.

But these are not the only problems in concert with Colombia. Last week Sony Music announced that Chayanne shows under the `Around Estaré´ tour were postponed because time did not reach the necessary equipment to make the presentation.

"Because the production of the artist Chayanne, designed by a Belgian company specializing in cutting-edge designs, equipment and requires very precise specifications, and despite the efforts of the team of Chayanne and local promoter, not amounted to mobilize, it is determined that the tour of Colombia will be postponed, the label, not announced new concert dates scheduled in Bogota and Barranquilla.

Finally, the Mexican company Star Productions announced the cancellation of the concerts of Alejandro Fernandez in Cali, Medellin, Manizales, Tunja, Bogota, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga, where the presentations were provided.

"Because the company did not have the capacity to meet their commitments and the high standard that exists on the part of the artist in terms of quality and safety for the public, the tour had to be canceled. The confidentiality stipulated in the contract prevents us details about it, "said Star Productions.
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