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"No name is given to the loss of what most admire, Gabriel García Márquez, sit back on your pedestal immortal" reads the tweet of Arjona

The Guatemalan shared a few words through his Twitter account.

<strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , le dedica unas palabras al inmortal Gabriel García Márquez "No name is given to the loss of what most admire, Gabriel García Márquez, sit back on your pedestal immortal" reads the tweet of Arjona .

Chayanne out his legacy
Chayanne also took a moment to say a few words about the death of García Márquez.

"Gabriel Garcia Marquez leaves us but leaves his greatest legacy to history. Rest in Peace".

Gabo `loss´ has caused great consternation for both celebrities and political figures, who shared messages of regret in their social networks.
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The artist returns in May with a private and exclusive function to only one thousand people.

In Chile, Ricardo Arjona accumulated figures that can weigh tons. Two years ago struck the record for the artist with the most shows at the Movistar Arena six in less than a month, totaling nearly 90 thousand people, and today is the singer who has sold more albums in the history of Chilean music industry then Luis Miguel, with nearly one million 300 thousand copies. But almost counter to the popular drag, the Guatemalan return to the country under a plan located on the back of its massive phenomenon.

<strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , el próximo mes ofrecerá un concierto exclusivo en Santiago de Chile According to producer Phoenix Entertainment Group, the singer will perform on Friday, May 9 at the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, in an exclusive appointment to a thousand people and to indicate their most intimate concert in the capital. It also confirms the gradual opening of the enclosure to figures of more massive character, though already received other crooners ( Myriam Hernández ) and famous local rock (The Jaivas, Appliances, Jorge González), is the first time that hosts one of the fish fat Latin romantic songs.

"It`s amazing to develop this series of historical presentations Arjona in big capital region. In each of his visits to Chile, he sells to more than 70 thousand tickets, so now we look for something different, they feel greater complicity with him, "says Christian Fernandez, CEO of Phoenix Chile.

Via contest
Ticket sales also have a particular embodiment, according to the man debut Taxi Story in a redoubt accustomed to other kinds of stories. Starting today, his followers will buy from your web -ricardoarjona.com- officially a membership for a price of U.S. $ 50 ( about $ 27,000), which allows entering a contest where the show thousand seats will be drawn. That is, the purchase of the membership does not guarantee a ticket to the concert, as will purchase only through this draw.

Yes, the payment process also includes access to the new title of the balladeer, Travel - dated for release on April 29, and entire digital catalog. The winners will be revealed about a week before the event and they will send a custom mail you may withdraw your entry in the same theater.

So far no new submissions referred to in the country. His tenure in Santiago is part of a continental tour that will also include smaller capacity points, with the intention to make small, private presentations to not only review of his career, but also to gauge their next album.

This is the second album released on their own label, Metamorphosis, and whose first single to Apnea, song introduced by string arrangements and an extensive artist and heartfelt speech, which deploys all his verse and speaks of a break in that "ghosts of absence began to take over everything", with tears as "overflowing rain" and where the conclusion was "learning to live in the company was refusing to live in solitude".

The video illustrates the same suffering and shows him walking up a mountain path, dragging a kind of box that simulates the weight load of the past, which is then thrown to the bottom of the sea reflecting test passed.

Registration, made in black and white, was filmed by Carlos Pérez- filmmaker who has worked with Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and Carlos Vives, among many others-and was recorded in the Californian beaches. It also has the leading role of the Argentina model Sofia Zamolo. Until last week, and had nearly a million views on YouTube.

With several heads
In the fashion of the times, the interpreter worked his new album with a wide range of producers, among them Dan Warner ( Nelly Furtado, Madonna, Pink ), Martin Terefe (Train, Jason Mraz, Cat Stevens ), Ben Wisch (who had already put his hand in much of the Guatemalan discography ) and others as Ephraim "Junito" Davila, Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez.

As he advanced in some interviews, the stylistic balance of the title goes from traditional to more modern pop ballad textures, and tropical and dance beats, such as salsa . But beyond the range of genres, which crossed their new album was the death of his mother, Naomi Morales, late last year, which triggered a subsequent trip to explore places like India, China and Thailand.

Once back, the voice repeated Women will focus on historical stock sales numbers of his career, as over 10 thousand in Chile released its latest release Independent, (2011 ) copies. Another footprint over its profitable relationship with the country.
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Guatemalan singer participated in the start of construction of the second school of its foundation, `Inside´.

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona participated in the start of construction of the second school was founded, Inside, financed his home country.

<strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , presente en el inicio de la construcción de la segunda escuela a cargo de su fundación, Adentro Arjona symbolically placed the first stone of the building next to the president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina, who accompanied him in the place where the study center will be built in the municipality of San Juan Alotenango department Sacatepéquez, 94 miles southwest of Guatemala city.

"Today is a day of immense joy for me, because what we dream begins" Arjona said during the ceremony.

Inside The foundation, created by artist, opened the first of 20 schools in Guatemala Arjona plans to open over the next six years, with the aim of promoting the development of Guatemalan children in January.

The first research center founded in January in the department of El Progreso ( 90 kilometers northeast of the capital), is named after his late mother, "Naomi Morales de Arjona ".

Perez Molina during the ceremony thanked the initiative and also congratulated Arjona " to return to his country" to "motivate many people".

Ricardo Arjona mark the path and makes us dream many Guatemalans, added the president.

The school plans to teach primary school in the morning and topics related to the arts and sports in the afternoon.

The school building will also feature a private finance company of soft drinks, which contribute around one million dollars.

The school, located in the village of El Porvenir, will be called" Enrique Castillo Monge" in honor of the great-grandson of the founder of private enterprise.

Arjona, songwriter issues like was you and women, recently released the video for Apnea, first single from his new album, called Journey, which goes on sale on April 29.
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The singer Ricardo Arjona shared some of the scenes from the video shoot that corresponds to the first single Apnea, including in the album of the artist Journey, due out on 29 April, under its seal Metamorphosis.

The singer Ricardo Arjona shared some of the scenes from the video shoot that corresponds to the first single Apnea, including in the album of the artist Journey, due out on 29 April, under its seal Metamorphosis.

<strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , compartió algunas escenas del film del video que corresponde a su primer sencillo, Apnea
   The topic describes an intense love story that captures the feelings that are created when that love ends.

" There are personal events that made me write this song. The text, word for word, is the result of what I saw and breathed being close to its protagonists. The procession of love abandoned lasted three years and some months, one day tell. The truth is that looking the analogy to this history of neglect because of memories, I found nowhere in the dictionary a word that was more consistent than apnea. With all its etymology and its Greek root, denial breathing, was the perfect synthesis of this story of love and absence that achieves its own claim through abandonment and surrender of the senses just to heal the torment wonder what never again", said Arjona .

In filming in black and white, on the beaches of Malibu and Matador in California, the singer makes his way carrying a luggage full of memories of what was and is no more.

As the protagonist, Sofia Zamolo Argentina model, embodies the feeling of the loss of a tireless love. She begins her desperate search to the irony of what has already ended.

Arjona´s script, directed by Carlos Perez ( Elastic People ), has more than 60 people in the filming.

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Fine conducting Teleshow spoke about recording video "Apnea" who performed with singer

Sofia Zamolo participated in the video of the song "Apnea", the first single from the new album "Voyage " by Ricardo Arjona . The host and model from Miami Teleshow spoke about the experience of working with the Guatemalan singer .

Sofía Zámolo participó en el videoclip del tema Apnea, primer sencillo del nuevo álbum Viaje
   " Working with him was a unique experience. I felt very good, very comfortable, is an easy person to work with, super simple. The song talks about a love story that ends on the memory of a person who was and is not more", said Sofia, who installed a few months ago in the United States.

Sofía Zámolo participó en el videoclip del tema Apnea, primer sencillo del nuevo álbum Viaje
   Her sister was the one who did listen to the songs of the artist and gradually began to like his music when I was little. He started going to shows with her friends and at 19 could meet and take a picture, as a fan, thinking that years later would be given luxury of working with him.

Sofía Zámolo participó en el videoclip del tema Apnea, primer sencillo del nuevo álbum Viaje
   "Arjona is a simple, ordinary person, at any time you think you are with such a large and important person´s. Day recording was just on my birthday, so it was a nice present. We shot in some breathtaking landscapes. My friends from school he envied me and asked me to record photos and greeting them", he said, laughing.

Zamolo went abroad in January with the idea of ​​staying a short time, but it emerged that various work proposals extended their stay in the United States. In New York, he worked in the coverage of Fashion Week in Los Angeles and took acting classes and acting for a month and a half with Marjory Valance.

Sofia does not think of settling abroad, because I still continue calling to work in Argentina. Labour had proposed producing ideas and Endemol South, but for now will stay there, as it is also evaluating some jobs that offered both to drive and to act .

As for his private life, said that he is single after separating from Gaston Rosseto : "I am alone with my previous partner I was four and a half years I separated a few months ago, I had planned to take acting classes, this was a dream. all my life. things occurred in this way and we are now apart, but on good terms".

Finally, said he did not fear that the link with Arjona after participating in the video: "I'm not afraid of that link with anyone, today my romance is my career I wish I again love, but for now I´m alone. happy and very focused on my work and career. I want to focus on my goals and dreams".

Listen to the new song "Apnea" Ricardo Arjona :

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