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Mariano Di Paola, head winemaker at La Rural and Rutini Wines, was invited by the Guatemalan to assemble in the house that is being done in Miami a wine equal to what he saw in the cellar

Ricardo Arjona , the man who sings of love and wows million followers when he gets on stage, was captivated by Mariano Di Paola.

<strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , quiere una cava de vinos como la del museo de La Rural en su casa que construye en Miami   The head of the bodega La Rural and Rutini Wines, a heavyweight in the world of wine, winemaker hosted a scheduled visit by representatives of the singer to the winery is in Coquimbito. During his stay in Mendoza, on September 9 last year for the recital he gave at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium, the singer went to lunch with a group of about 20 people from your nearest computer. It was a courtesy meeting, like so many others that the stars usually go every time they step on a site where they will do a recital.

But it was such a good wave that emerged in the visit, which Arjona asked the Mendocino winemaker reproduce a wine cellar you saw at the Museum of The Cottage in the house that is being built in Miami. That he offered to own Di Paola who is he who takes care of the order.

The meeting was not revealed during their stay in the province Arjona , because people respected winery strictly the order of the Guatemalan that the meeting was very quiet computer. Even the cooks from the winery knew that day were preparing a menu of Arjona . Voice have run the man lady sings four decades would be in the cellar would have produced chaos.

"At first it came a little tight, it felt so rushed. The plan was to eat and from the stadium to the sound. But the visit lasted five hours. There was chemistry, it was uncomfortable, "said Di Paola Diario UNO.

"He first received with some pies we ate in the garden and then we started to tour the museum cellar", followed.

The Cottage has a museum with a collection of 4,500 original pieces with machines, carriages, presses, presses, tools cooper, stoneware from the colonial era, oak barrels, pumps and grinders. About 60,000 people come every year to admire the place. It was logical that Arjona be captivated by the environment around him.

"At one point he was interested in an old hand pump that was used for the wine, and I said you the gift. It is a piece that is 200 years, we have others in the museum so I offered it, and was very grateful, "recalled Di Paola.

The winemaker was shocked by the simplicity and humility of the idol of women. "He´s a very humble man talk about everything, history, wine."

The tour of the winery showed him some old barrels where they were stored up to 27,000 liters of wine and now used to decorate the museum. For the size they have, about 2.50 meters in diameter, have become cavas. This singer who captivated both asked that particular play Di Paola cava in the house that is being built in Miami.

As in the wine cellar casks of this type unarmed obsolete, they offered to send them to the house of the Guatemalan has a similar cava which has La Rural.

"He insisted on inviting home with much kindness, but if he wants to realize the wish expressed using the old barrel to make a wine, send a winery Cooper to put it together," said Di Paola. Those who know this professional know his humility and his perseverance to keep a low profile. Consistent with his attitude remarked that in the case of the singer realize the desire, sent to guard a righty barrels winery to comply with the agreement.

After so many tokens of gratitude from the hosts, it was foreseeable that the singer feel more relaxed and less hurry swiftly from the soundcheck. The roast prepared by Sergio Gurdia and accompanied by fine wines did the rest for the meeting be extended well into the afternoon. At that point there were many warehouse employees aware that Arjona still walking around the place. They looked from afar. The musician said the situation and offered preferential tickets 100 employees.
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Some 20,000 people attended the first of seven concerts the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona offered last night at Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires (GEBA) club, as part of his tour that will take him to Uruguay and Paraguay.

Two years after his last visit, Arjona Argentina returned to the capital to present the themes of his latest album and do a review of his 23 year career, which has 15 studio albums and two live.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , un impecable e inagotable en sus presentaciones enamoró a todo Buenos Aires  "It is no coincidence that we are here again. This was written, "he said in his first words addressing his followers, who welcomed him with a standing ovation just interpreted bike To the Moon, his new album theme Travel with which he opened his show.

Then followed Invertebrate sin Skin and Cavemen, whose introduction in the artist spoke about relationships, with beautiful early, between kisses and hugs, and how distant end, forgetting everything and alluding to the title of the song.

In the nearly two-hour show, Arjona moved from end to end in the breathtaking scenery of more than 20 meters high, the scenery was set in a train station with benches, bags and means mounted theatrically on two floors . That perfectly combined lights with images projected on giant LED screens, which served to accompany each of the songs performed by the Guatemalan joined.

The repertoire also lacked that intimate set en queincluyó the classics like Taxi History, Women, Lady of the four decades, Tell me no, Naked and Minutes, among others, which were coreadospor fans from start to finish .

When she played If the North is the South, Arjona accompanied the theme with images of characters like "El chavo del ocho", "Cantinflas", "The Grasshopper" and Frida Kahlo, among other figures, interspersed with beautiful blondes, President American Barack Obama and flags of the Americas.

Then followed songs like penguins in bed, I know, No harm to others, What little I have is so little and I love you.

For the final leg, Arjona chose to return to the beginning and made a set in which only was accompanied by a few lanterns, dim light, and his guitar, playing themes by popular demand, and pleasing them sang You taught me, Your reputation, A you and I'm not so alone.

Then he did an encore of Women and that song was fired closing the first of seven concerts, embarking on the same imaginary train that had come to GEBA, which will play the 19, 20, 21, 25, 26 and September 27, and then continue its tour of Uruguay (October 1), Paraguay (3) and return to Mexico.

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In the first minutes of the show, the Guatemalan did not forget his detractors. However, in concert mulitudinario Kempes preferred to focus on those who want to give back in the form of love songs.

Mounted on what looked like a bike train, facing a wave of screaming, crying and exclamations when Ricardo Arjona made ​​his triumphal entry on stage was not a single person on the Kempes, in the cold Thursday night. The task of the ushers to make it clear to the fans who had to sit was difficult, almost impossible, because they seemed to suffer a kind of hormonal trance. Or a trance of love.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , es recibido en Mendoza con gritos llantos y exclamaciones  The two-level stage pretending to be a train station with benches and bags as ornaments. In that season he came, past 22, to begin the journey that I had to Guatemala in two roles: as a passenger and also as conductor.

"It is no coincidence that we are here again. This was written. The last time when was it? Two years ago? If "he asked and answered Arjona after the first run of songs.

¿Hint for those born haters of his music? So it seemed.
Kempes stadium, home to endless soccer games and rivalries, became something different. And that collective, chaotic traffic, crowds and smoke from the food stalls might have confused some clueless. But what was happening around had nothing to do with what happened in early was enough to set foot in the stadium floor to warn that they were not the hooligans and fans who filled the stadium but thousands of women and some brave male audience that, united by music, encouraged a unique idol of the night.

With the same intensity of the cries of goal since 2130 and after performances Monguzzi Martin and Janus, more than 20 thousand present began to demonstrate his lung capacity ... asking for the musician who did wait a little (Córdoba reached an hour earlier on a private jet).

Yesterday and today
A moon bike was the theme chosen for the start of the show, and then followed by other songs Travel, Arjona ´s latest album. Invertebrate sin Skin, Cavemen, Apnea and What little I have been few.

"No passport, no visa, no airport, only a little imagination you can go to so many parties," he recited before singing Journey.

The repertoire they also missed those classics that could recognize up to who ever bought an album artist: Taxi History, Women, Lady of the four decades, Nude, Dime no. Between memories and emotions, the audience sang her lungs out, each of those letters.

Low temperatures were not an impediment to the enjoyment from start to finish. The joy on the faces reflected in the brightness of the eyes, and even some tears could not contain, or would not.

And there was no reason or any reason to hold back: since 9 May, when they went on sale for the Cordoba show, until yesterday, it took four months and two days when many who were imagined again and again the recital. The same night, in the end, left the world of dreams and reality became.

Ricardo Arjona designed the show to alternate moments of great scenic deployment more intimate. As one who came near the end, when he opened an acoustic block that revived themes of his early years and in which cell lights adorned the stalls and the field. "Guitar in hand, a few lights and some classics. I´ll Remember some songs that were forgotten," Ricardo said before taught me ("you taught me forget everything except"). Next came Your reputation and I'm not really alone.

The scenery and the assembly was held with great dynamism and deployment. The management of lights, images broadcast on screens (among which are distinguished Jesica Cirio in sin and Sofia Skin Clip Zamolo in Apnea), but the elements that adorned each song offered a good and entertaining theatrical framework.

Before 23, Arjona stopped to read the signs and rose unexpectedly rose to the lucky Andrea public while singing Lady of the four decades.

"That is a matter of climate. The cold makes me dangerous, daring medium. Also not much room on stage when I sing this song, so I have to sit and make up my legs, "claimed the musician Andrea to turn most envied person in the evening.

After delighting audiences with a repertoire inspired by love and the little things in life, Ricardo Arjona -bye to "La Docta" looking forward to returning. Looking forward to another trip.
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With more than 23 year career Ricardo Arjona has become the artist's most important Spanish-speaking world. He has more than 20 million records sold, 17 albums released 15 studio and 2 live.

With more than 23 year career Ricardo Arjona has become the artist's most important Spanish-speaking world. He has more than 20 million records sold, 17 albums released 15 studio and 2 live.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , se ha convertido en el artista de habla hispana más importante del mundo   An artist who is breaking all records worldwide: 34 Stadiums in Argentina Luna Park 5 Stages Velez Sarsfield and Boca Juniors 5 Stadiums SOLD OUT. His previous tour "MWT" has been seen by over 1,500,000 people in one year.

  His new album, "Journey" is a collection of memories, emotions, images and experiences made ​​song.

  Fourteen new songs composed Arjona --all, with the participation of more than 6 producers found between Dan Warner, Martin Terefe, Ben Wisch, Ephraim "Junito" Dávila, Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez-from Cuban group "Buena Fe "-. This makes "Travel" becomes an eclectic and varied album, marking the first time that Richard works with a large team as a single-disc and thus creating a different product from traditional ballads authentic Arjona , to issues more tropical, including a sauce which contrasts his versatility as a songwriter and performer.

  His second single "What little I have" which came out last July-7 is a true demonstration of how Ricardo Arjona can portray his poetry the little things of everyday life. His first single "Apnea" is a powerful and successful ballad depicting intense love story, capturing the feelings that are created when it ends.

  The video featured the participation of Sofia Zamolo model and introduced in April worldwide.

Tickets on sale
  There are still tickets for the show that will Arjona in our city on October 8 and may be purchased at the local ice cream parlor (Tucumán 34) from Monday to Saturday from 10.30 to 13.30 and in the afternoon from 18 to 22.
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"When you fall in love you hand out your asshole," I dropped the singer in a kind of postmodern reflection

Ricardo Arjona , who on October 3 will sing in Paraguay, spoke to reporters in Chile and said "asshole part is how nice this story of falling in love.

<strong> Arjona</strong> : La única cosa que nos saca la parte pendeja y boluda es cuando estamos enamorados The best encounters come by surprise. All those things that bring us the caveman who thought very little. "He added that when you´re at that stage you out of your side and boluda bullshit.

"It´s too methodical everything we live. The only thing that gets us the asshole part and boluda is when we are in love. Everything else is written. That part of the principle is interesting. I have animosity against people who have no ability to surprise . the chick I'm talking about a bump that hits you in the head and makes you an asshole again! that's the nice part! "he told the newspaper Clarín curepa in Chile.
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