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For nearly an hour and a half he managed to apprehend the fans in the Coliseum. They sang and chanted each of its letters. Wearing a black coat and hat of the same color was seized with compliments.

Aboard a special bicycle, Ricardo Arjona came on stage the Coliseum Centenario in Torreon, the screams of excitement from his audience.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , deleitó a mas de 5000 fans presentes en el Coliseo Centenario en Torreón  Shortly after 21:30, the Guatemalan singer Marsh delighted his audience in his tour called "The Journey".

With great stage production, Ricardo Arjona pleased his loyal audience, about five thousand people sang their hits.

For nearly an hour and a half he managed to apprehend the Harriers fans, who sang and chanted each of its letters. Wearing a black coat and hat of the same color was seized with compliments.

The night began with Arjona singing backstage, his excellent musicians were the delight of the audience, singing "To the Moon bike".

The surprise came when after a few seconds, the singer appeared in a special ramp behind where musicians played.

This interpreter, one of the largest in Latin America, gave La Laguna in a romantic night, based on its success.

The scenario emulating a railway station in the Victorian era. In the background, gorgeous graphics train appeared. Also were seen nostalgic images of people waiting for the train.

Songs like "Tell me no," "Stories Taxi", "Lady of the four decades" for the tasty mature women, or "The problem," were present in the repertoire of Arjona .

With "Come with me to be alone", the lights went out, being the most acclaimed theme present in this musical event.

And of course, could not miss classics like "If the North is the South", "Love", "Sin Piel", "I love you", "Minutes" or "I know".

Emblematic from his peculiar style, Ricardo Arjona did not leave anyone disappointed in your presentation.
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"Self-employment has not been easy; but the compensation is to know that your work will better hands, "said the Guatemalan.

Miami, United States.
In a rebellious act, who restarts, Ricardo Arjona is proud to be an independent artist and have emancipated from multinational record labels.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , orgulloso de ser un artista independiente y lograr el mejor producto posible  In Singer´s view, the possibility, the miracle and the pride of being independent is designed to look their best work in this way is "much more emotional and less routine".

The chapín, which in 2015 will take your trip of twelve cities in the United States and Puerto Rico tour, decided to produce his own records and search distribution with third after a "complicated" relationship with the music industry.

"I am a supporter of my work, I defend to the hilt," said the singer to remember the helplessness he felt "long" to see others did not put everything in their power to achieve the best possible product.

Nothing is not far
In 2011, Arjona launched Independent, his first job outside the big multinational record labels and began to leave the big stadiums and acting in small auditoriums, where he confessed, is "much easier to move your job because it allows him to speak practically ear people ".

The artist claimed that the causes of the current crisis in the record industry is long and excesses have been there for years and always had wastage of money or abuses such as the high price of discs and making artists sign unfair contracts and no expiration date, among other practices.

"Industry lifelong stopped seeing the songs, so the authors were abandoned, even in the awards. And there are authors who have in their hands the raw material of any industry, to the extent that they can move through a song the whole affair is generated, including business, including industry, "he said.

But Arjona , 50 years old and 30 career, is aware of their privileged position in the art scene in Latin America, as not all artists can handle promotion and marketing.

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The producer Primo Entertainment confirmed in a press conference that Ricardo Arjona give a second concert in the country on January 31 at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa.

The first date is the 30th of that month on premises, in Tibás.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , por segunda ocasión ofrecerá concierto en Costa Rica  "The good response from the audience asked us to take the decision and thus settled the agenda of the singer. He (Ricardo Arjona ) is very happy to give another concert in the country," said David Rosenfeld, producer of the company.

Tickets go on sale Monday for all age groups and will cost ¢ 80,000 (Moments Credomatic), ¢ 60,000 (VIP and VIP Ricardo Arjona ), ¢ 37,000 (east and west preferential numbered stalls), ¢ 32,000 (east and west numbered stalls) ¢ 34,000 (balcony this preferential), ¢ 32,000 (balcony this numbered), ¢ 25,500 (shadow numbered east and west), ¢ 14,000 (gramilla Arjona ) and ¢ 12,000 (side trip). Do not include service charge.

Tickets are available at the site www.eticket.cr and outlets Servimás.
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We present prices concert Ricardo Arjona by Mexico this October to December 2014. Find out!

Ricardo Arjona will be in Mexico from October to December by her "Travel Tour". More than five dates have been announced for concerts and here, I will present the ticket prices.

 Entérate de la jornada y precios de los conciertos de <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  en México  Most of his concerts will be at the National Auditorium, one at the Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara and last in the Forum Mundo Imperial in Acapulco.

Prices concert tickets Ricardo Arjona in Mexico 2014

Auditorio Nacional, 21, 22, 23 and 24 October: from $ 50.00
Forum Mundo Imperial in Acapulco, November 16: $ 88.00
Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara, December 11: $ 60.00
Tickets are highly sought after and are almost exhausted.Hurry to get yours!
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Ricardo Arjona moves between ballads and Latin pop, with touches of rock, some African American and Latino music. Is estimated to have sold over twenty million albums throughout his career.

Ricardo Arjona moves between ballads and Latin pop, with touches of rock, some African American and Latino music. Is estimated to have sold over twenty million albums throughout his career.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  comenta sus pequeños secretos del pasado  We leave you with six things you should know about this Guatemalan...

Sandro fan
Sandro became fans because since I was a child accompanying his mother to see Argentine films.

Jerry loves the cartoon mouse ... and hates Runner.

Favorite dish
He likes to eat everything, but his favorite dish is seafood. Always accompanied by a good red wine.

Record your ideas
Usually walks with a sound recorder, the kind of journalist. The turns to leave recorded ideas just crossed his mind.

The disc that gives iron
Every time you walk into a record store and find his album "Let me tell you that I love you" buy all available copies provided that no one else can have it.

The first gull gold
And it was the first artist to the Golden Gull was at the Festival de Viña, in 1999. Quite a merit award prostituted because over the years ...
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