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Adria Arjona , model and actress will be part of the second season of the HBO series.

The daughter of the popular Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona be part of one of the most acclaimed television series recently.

 Adria<strong> Arjona</strong> , formará parte del elenco de la famosa serie Adria Arjona , model and actress, 23, is in the second season of " True Detective", which integrate the cast with names like Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn.

 Adria<strong> Arjona</strong> , formará parte del elenco de la famosa serie The man´s daughter "Women" was confirmed in the cast of HB´s crime drama still has no release date but is expected to be aired in the second half of this year.

 Adria<strong> Arjona</strong> , formará parte del elenco de la famosa serie Adria Ricardo Arjona is the daughter of Puerto Rican model and Leslie Torres. He is the eldest of three children and is based in the United States working on his TV career, which has led to act on such series as "Person Of Interest" and " Unforgettable", plus some shorts.
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The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona compete for three awards at the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2015, announced Monday the organizers.

The National Artist is nominated in three categories and could get some award at the gala awards ceremony on 30 April.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  está postulado en los premios Billboard Latino al mejor Artista del año
    Arjona is nominated in the category Latin Pop Album of the Year for his production Travel and competes with Enrique Iglesias (Sex & Love); Santana (Heart) and Chayanne (In all I will).

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  está postulado en los premios Billboard Latino al mejor Artista del año
    Latin Pop Airplay Artist of the Year Soloist is the second category in which Arjona is postulated and competes with Enrique Iglesias, Juanes and Ricky Martin.
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Confirmed the dates of the five cities where, Ricardo Arjona , Guatemalan singer will perform at Venezuela, with its Travel Tour 2015 tour.

Confirmed the dates of the five cities where Ricardo Arjona in Venezuela Guatemalan singer will be presented with their Travel Tour 2015. Valencia interpreter "Penguins in bed" tour, will be performing on April 16 at the Forum.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , ofrecerá `Viaje Tour´ en 5 ciudades de Venezuela 
    Likewise, it announced the exact dates of each of the presentations in the month of April in the rest of the country; 14 Luis Aparicio Stadium in Maracaibo, the 18th of the same month in Caracas Polyhedron, then the capital of Lara state, on Tuesday 21 at the Fair Complex Bicentennial of Barquisimeto and finally 23 at Estadio Monumental de Maturin, Monagas .

The sale of tickets will be held in a "Special Pre 48 hours" for the public on 7 and 8 February -a national-level, and then standardize marketing in the above points.

A show where amaze his fans with a repertoire of recent issues of his latest trip, and unforgettable classics; "Lady of the four decades", "Your reputation," "Taxi Stories," "The problem," "Love," among others.
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The artist is one of the upcoming stars of the event and will open the second day.

It is a name of high attendance in the country, guaranteed when breaking records in ticket sales credit, and these days lives up to that status: the Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona has exhausted almost all localities for the day of your presentation, corresponding to Monday, February 23, as reported by the managers of your visit.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  ya agotó casi todas las localidades para el día de su presentación en Viña del Mar
 In fact, there are only a few tickets in prime locations. Furthermore, it is the same day that share with the Mexican side Reik.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong>  ya agotó casi todas las localidades para el día de su presentación en Viña del Mar
 A euphoria that explains the nature of the appointment: for now, it is the only show that the singer has agreed to Chile this year. A show that is part of the current leg of his tour Journey, which also pass through Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico and several US cities.
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In the coming days Inversohw announce the dates Travel Tour 2015 tour that will reach Maracaibo, Valencia, Caracas and Maturin

The tour of the Guatemalan songwriter Ricardo Arjona , Travel Tour 2015 will arrive in Maracaibo, Valencia, Caracas and Maturin and the production company Inversohw announce the date of the concert. Also soon be on sale tickets through My Tickera and Ticketmundo.

 <strong>Ricardo<strong> Arjona</strong> </strong> , muy pronto estará en tierras Venezolanas para presentar su `Viaje Tour´ del 2015   The last record material singer, Journey, was released on April 29, 2014 under the label of the record Metamorphosis of Arjona itself, and contains 14 written by the Guatemalan unreleased tracks. It also has the participation of producers Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez, the Cuban group Buena Fe, Martin Terefe, Ben Wisch, Dan Warner and Ephraim "Junito" Dávila.

The first promotional Apnea was in the number one position Record Report, while in Venezuela Travel disk exceeded 20,000 copies sold, making creditor Double Platinum, according to official data. It also reached the top spot on the list of Billboard Top Latin Albums, beating Sex and Love, the Spanish Enrique Iglesias. news.

The artist will perform in Venezuela their latest singles "Cavemen," "The little that I have", "Invertebrate", "Journey" "Skin Sin", he makes a tour of its iconic songs "No damage to Third Parties", "Tell me no "," Stories Taxi "," the problem "," Love "," Come with me to be alone "," If the north is the South "," I love you "," Minute "," I know "," women "," It was you, "among others.

Travel Tour The tour kicked off in August 2014 in Mexico, to continue through Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay. In February 2015, will reprise his musical journey in 13 cities in the United States and then submitted for the seventh time in the Festival of Viña del Mar in Chile on 22 March.
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