A concert in Cuba is my challenge in my life

A concert open to the entire world, on January 25 at the Malecon in Havana, and political symbols. This is the idea that the Guatemalan artist Ricardo Arjona has been working for many months in secret and now the interest is jeopardized by Juanes to sing in Cuba and that is generating controversy.

In statements to elmundo.es Arjona has confessed that "it is perhaps the most important challenge of my life. Filter is when the idea and that generated that more people wanted to sing in Cuba. "

Ricardo Arjona: Cantar en Cuba es la asignatura pendiente de mi vida In the environment of the artist (who is touring these days with their United States tour 'fifth floor') are upset with the initiative of Juanes, who is regarded as a distinctly political.

The aim of the concert Arjona is simply to thank the Cuban people support the artist, who has thousands of followers on the island. In fact the site will be exempt from the symbology Castro's own revolution.

Ricardo Arjona expected not to create controversy with his decision: "Why I will not sing in Cuba and why there is such a system? How many times have I sung for people who live under a regime that I like or not! One not acting for the people govern. "

According to people close to the Guatemalan artist, there are contradictions in the initiative by Juanes for wanting to mark the distance.

The fact that the Colombian had asked the blessing of Hillary Clinton and who has sought the patronage of Havana Club rum is a sign that the concert (scheduled for next September) is a combination of commercial and political interests, not a project for peace is like trying to move the media.

On August 7, Ricardo Arjona 12,000 people gathered at Madison Square Garden in New York and has planned four consecutive concerts at the stadium of Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires. Thought to be an artist record in Latin America and has been seen as having a detail with the Cubans.

"Cuba is urged that the matter of artistic world to join the most stupid has happened to this country that is blocking. Blocking anything that appears to have blocked me stupid but that block the ability to share music with Cuban seems absurd, " has commented the singer elmundo.es.

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