Ricardo Arjona back to Chile

After 3 years of absence, with a new album under his arm, the most anticipated show finally in Chile ...

Ricardo Arjona turns the country into what will become the most anticipated return of the year with two concerts, on Thursday 5 and Friday, November 6, at 21:00 am in Movistar Arena.

After a successful tour that began in Spain and Mexico, reaching SOLD OUT in all its presentations, which will pass through Costa Rica, Panama and United States, among other countries, singer is renewing its commitment to the Chilean public in an unprecedented show only in scenery accompanying Arjona 30,000 tons of cargo, 46 people, and a video screen of the latest generation.

It will be an unforgettable concert, as often the Guatemalan singer.

Because the truth is that there are few artists who have so many hits to his credit. To more and more reluctant to surrender to the poetic romanticism of Arjona, ending singing the themes that have made it world famous? Stories Taxi "," Lady of the four decades "," Nude "," Dime que no "," Your Reputation?, among many other successes.

Ricardo Arjona, as part of an extensive tour of Europe, United States, Mexico and Latin America, comes to present his latest album 5th floor, number one on lists radiales Chilean and foreign platinum disc in United States and no fewer than disk gold in Chile with over 10 thousand copies sold.

The first cut of the new disc, How painful? is nailed to the auditory memory of all and quickly become a classic.

In Buenos Aires, in the mythical Bombonera, and other Argentine cities, presents the last days of October, landed at last in Chile, where it will be two in the Movistar Arena, concerts that will surely speak.

Tickets on sale this Saturday from June 20 to 00:00 am through www.puntoticket.com or call 6004626000 and Cinemark enabled

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Que grande eres ricardo!!!
19/06/2009 15:40:40


soy fanatica de arjona y estoy destruida por k no quedan entradas a mi alcanse vajo costo soy de viña y no entiendo pork no hace un concierto aca
18/07/2009 17:39:50


queeeero una entrada o morire ayudenmeeeeee ssssssssssooooooooossssss yosapy_nity@hotmail.com s.o.s
18/07/2009 17:44:31


aa que lindo es este hombre...canta super eso es lo importante!! o nooo??? su vida privada es cosa de el no mas!!!
16/09/2009 6:11:42


eso ratifica la acfrmaiion de que dios no existe, don ale.Y como si esto no fuera poco, este gobierno tiene la brillante idea de incentivar el consumo entonces cualquier boluddo puede comprar un auto y encima tiene el tupe de salir a la ruta, manejando como el reverendo ojete, maniobrando como un cagon que va en una carreta por el lado izquierdo y no pasa a otro pelotudo de la misma especie ni deja pasar a los que SI saben manejar. Eso me sda la pauta de que dios no existe, o sio existe es muy pelotudo y maneja como el orto
20/10/2012 4:00:11

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