Ricardo Arjona prepares the end of his tour `Travel Tour´ December 5 at the Estadio Velez

There are dates with special significance for Ricardo, and in this case will be doubly

Ricardo Arjona is now Argentina. Prepare carefully the end of his tour. The last presentation of the Travel Tour will be on December 5, in the Velez stadium. Undoubtedly, an important event. However, on December 5 and was recorded among the important dates for Ricardo. It was precisely 17 years ago, when he gave a presentation at the Hippodrome massive South to benefit the victims of Hurricane Mitch.

 Ricardo Arjona prepara el final de su gira `Viaje Tour´ el 5 de Diciembre en el Estadio Vélez
A gift for my country was the massive concert that had two objectives: to help raise funds for the reconstruction of houses for the victims of Hurricane Mitch. Besides, I wanted to provide an opportunity for those who could not afford expensive tickets, to see their live show. The tickets were worth Q10.

That presentation, in which 100,000 people were expected, and that, according to press reports, 80,000 arrived, took place at the South Racetrack. The charge of opening the show were Noris Barrios and wind.

Independent Gang fans remember that many came up to nine hours ahead "and made picnic" even though it was cold.

Ricardo was immersed in the tour No harm to others, and apart from the mass, presented four concerts in the Great Hall Efrain Recinos, the Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias, between 2 and 7 December.

Back to the present Journey's End
There will be no better way to remember this date to meet last season Travel tour, Ricardo began July 31, 2014, in Toluca. A week ago, the singer posted this message on his Twitter account: "The last leg of this trip to us (sic) led many returning us Argentina #Tucuman destinations to you.".

Siglo.21 publications in 1998
• November 30, arriving at La Aurora airport "Mitch gave me the opportunity to channel the cash to meet the largest presentation of my career."
• December 1, during the press conference: "I do what I can not listen to another to make a song."
• December 2, at the first concert, "I said nine years ago, when I went to Guatemala, still affirming:" I'm dying to return. '"
• December 5, to Jesus, not sustativo verb in the massive show sing: "Jesus is coming with soul in his hands, to sing to all my countrymen."

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Ricardo, lo máximo como compsitor, cantante, showman, ídolo, te amo....
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Te esperamos con los brazos abiertos esta es tu casa y siempre seras bienvenido. TQM
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