Ricardo Arjona presents `Turn off the light and listen´ his latest album

Ricardo Arjona introduced its new album "Turn off the light and hear"

Ricardo Arjona introduced its new musical production "Turn off the light and listen" which he described as "the most authentic of his career." The album can only be achieved in physical or through their website.  

"[This CD] is a way to put aside shared many nights to listen to no one the same things I wrote the best-sounding noises," she said the artist in a video posted on his official YouTube page.

The album features 16 songs from compilations of their hits in acoustic version and new lyrics written for this album; in each Arjona invites you to discover the story it tells.

We share the first single of this production, "Nothing is like You":

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Lo adoro no hay mejor cantante que Arjona
31/07/2016 4:10:09


Lo maximo Ricardo, seguro será todo un éxito. Te queremos
01/08/2016 7:19:19

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