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With its foundation "Adentro" Ricardo Arjona opens its second primary school in Guatemala.

The musician opened a few days ago a primary school in Guatemala to help children who need it most. The school is named "Enrique Castillo Monk" in honor of the Guatemalan businessman who financed it and is the second school that opens singer in his homeland as part of its work on its foundation "Adentro".

 Arjona y Fundación `Adentro´ inauguran segunda escuela primaria para Guatemala
    Located in the municipality of Alotenango, in the department of Sacatepequez, in the southern region of the country, school and primary education will also focus on muisca and art.

 Arjona y Fundación `Adentro´ inauguran segunda escuela primaria para Guatemala
    Among the things he said in his opening speech, Arjona said that "Schools are arranged generating new real opportunities, not just painting them (...) Schools are arranged building them well and paying close attention to the educational system."

 Arjona y Fundación `Adentro´ inauguran segunda escuela primaria para Guatemala
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The Guatemalan singer will perform at the Jockey Club del Peru on November 14 this year

Ricardo Arjona return to Lima soon and to encourage their Peruvians not to miss the concert given at the Jockey Club followers, he sent a warm message.

"The Journey arrives in Peru not only for its wonderful food and beautiful people, comes to providing the greatest tour of Latin America," he said Ricardo Arjona was quoted as saying in a press release FRS, the public relations agency concert Guatemalan in Lima.

The Journey is the name of the tour that will bring to Peru Ricardo Arjona on 14 November. This tour has already performed more than 100 dates around the world, having assembled to 1 million people.

According to the organizer of the concert in Lima, this time traveling with Ricardo Arjona "the biggest stage in the region" to recreate a train station that can take you anywhere.

Tickets for the show are for sale in Wong and Metro Teleticket with 15% discount until October 4, from 102 soles.
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The award of the Order of Quetzal that returned the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona still waiting at the Consulate General of Guatemala in New York to be moved to Guatemala.

The award of the Order of Quetzal that returned the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona still waiting at the Consulate General of Guatemala in New York to be moved to Guatemala.

 La Orden de Quetzal devuelta por Arjona reposa en el Consulado <strong>General</strong> de Guatemala
 It´s been twelve days since Arjona performed the physical return of homage and is still in the US city, he explained the deputy minister Oscar Padilla.

 La Orden de Quetzal devuelta por Arjona reposa en el Consulado <strong>General</strong> de Guatemala
 After announcing that the distinction deliver on its website in late August, Arjona returned the "Gran Collar" in New York before acting on the legendary Madison Square Garden.

 La Orden de Quetzal devuelta por Arjona reposa en el Consulado <strong>General</strong> de Guatemala
 Once in Guatemala, the award will be made to safeguard the Directorate General of Protocol, he explained the deputy minister Oscar Padilla.

"In this office where it will be saved," he said.

The Order of the Quetzal, the Grand Collar, Guatemala is the highest distinction. In 2013, the then president, Otto Perez Molina, along with Vice President Roxana Baldetti, awarded the medal in Grade of Grand Collar Ricardo Arjona in the National Palace of Culture.

"Many Guatemalans have waited for this day to honor him with the highest distinction awarded to the true model citizens," said Otto Perez during the ceremony.

"The facts by passing the country, clearly call into question the honor of which I imposed this distinction," Arjona published on its website after making the decision to return.

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The singer asked the Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina was put in the hands of justice and withdraws from his office after corruption cases involving him.

Ricardo Arjona returned the Order of Quetzal, the highest honor he received from the current authorities in March 2013, and called for the resignation of Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina, by the corruption scandals involving him.

  Arjona, pide a las autoridades de Guatemala que dejen sus cargos por corruptos
    In the publication "Where there is no honor there is chaos," hung in the singer´s Twitter account, we read:

"I hereby publicly known my irrevocable decision to put in the hands of the relevant authorities and the decoration symbol representing the Order of the Quetzal that I gave through the heads of government at the time.

The facts by passing it clearly call into question the honor of which I imposed this distinction. Conclusively conclude that nothing in this moment that has passed through his hands any, nor legal, nor symbolic or sentimental value. On the other hand, I must say, I simply hand Guatemalan one that rises to mention my not deserving of this recognition for it immediately becomes sufficient reason and longer for me the symbol represents.

In earlier days I sent a message on social networks that few understood ... A day of new elections, my message intended to awaken the lifeblood overlooking not only the present, but in order to make us responsible for the future to avoid falling into the same vices. Marching in crowd is important to overthrow misfortune, but to be in tune and be consistent with the responsibility of not putting in place people with the same defects, it is vital.

Reactions against me for that comment the receipt of a Guatemalan peace for decades accused of having become citizens of other countries, ignoring the imminent need to look elsewhere for what my job is not found in Guatemala. With my intact passport of Guatemala, with my total condemnation of what is happening, I send my personal request, if it´s worth, that the acting president review its role in history and dignifies getting into the hands of justice to clean or be accountable stepping down once and for all, for the elementary reason that "where there is no honor, exists chaos".

Musician message is part of the rejection that has emerged from various sectors. In various manifestations it has called for the resignation of Pérez Molina and the postponement of elections, scheduled for next September 6 until reforms debug dishonest politicians are approved.

The Public Ministry and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala accused, on Friday August 21, the president of leading a network of customs corruption known as La Linea.

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The daughter of Guatemalan way into Hollywood on merit.

Ricardo Arjona is pure verb, but his daughter Adria is a noun beautiful. The actress of 23 years appears in the second season of True Detective series, released last month worldwide, in which she plays Emily, the girlfriend of Paul Woodrugh sexi (Taylor Kitsch), who also appears in the HBO show.

  La versión de Arjona que arrasa en Hollywood se llama ADRIA
    Adria, the eldest daughter of the relationship his father had with Puerto Rican Leslie Torres, who the singer broke up in 2005, also won the title of the Emerald City series, NBC, which will be held soon and is inspired The Wizard of Oz.

  La versión de Arjona que arrasa en Hollywood se llama ADRIA
    In an interview with men's magazine GQ, Adria says his technique is to keep the mystery romance and pretend it is not interested in the guy who courts. However, sometimes it does not give result. "Men are intimidated because they do not understand; should be taught to read minds, "he said.

  La versión de Arjona que arrasa en Hollywood se llama ADRIA
    In the first scene of True Detective in which he appears, Adria has a very "special" performance, receiving the official Woodrugh in his bed in tiny lingerie, and when the star leaves the bathroom a scene of sexual content.

  La versión de Arjona que arrasa en Hollywood se llama ADRIA
    For the actress, this type of paper are important because they are beyond a stereotype of Latinos. "We are proud that the US market is opening doors to women and Latino men, and they see that not only the 'mommy'; but it's okay to be open to natural America that has both good and bad.

The Hispanic market is also understood that not all are like that, that some are painful. "

His arrival in the HBO production talent to join Collin Farrell, Vince Vaughn Rachel McAdams and was the largest, over his performance in the challenge series.

"It was a challenge to get to this TV show, but here you feel in family and work as a team and not feel a challenge, it's like being at home. The challenge rather it was in, "he says.

Step opens

Adria began her career in modeling and was gradually finding the opportunity to go to castings while working as a hostess in bars in New York. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, where still looking projects.

"I feel very lucky, I feel I do not think so. I'm very happy with how people are reacting to the series. I feel very proud to be part of a show like this, because the things that makes a production like this are elegant and very deep, "he says.

Adria explains the for her surname Arjona is not a burden and recognizes that his father did help him at first.

"My dad helped me because he put me on a stage and showed me the world, advised me to read great books, he gave me the tools," he says.

Besides appearing on the HBO series, the 23-year-old was in two seasons of Person of Interest (CBS). His other television appearances were in Unforgettable (CBS) and Narcos (Netflix).

According to his autobiography site, he studied acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.
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