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Ricardo Arjona introduced its new album "Turn off the light and hear"

Ricardo Arjona introduced its new musical production "Turn off the light and listen" which he described as "the most authentic of his career." The album can only be achieved in physical or through their website.  

"[This CD] is a way to put aside shared many nights to listen to no one the same things I wrote the best-sounding noises," she said the artist in a video posted on his official YouTube page.

The album features 16 songs from compilations of their hits in acoustic version and new lyrics written for this album; in each Arjona invites you to discover the story it tells.

We share the first single of this production, "Nothing is like You":
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The new album from Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, "Journey" debuts this week in first place in the list of Top Latin Albums chart.

The new album from Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, "Journey" debuts this week in first place in the list of Top Latin Albums chart.

El<strong> álbum</strong>  `Viaje´de Arjona debutó con fuerza en el primer lugar del Top Latin Albums de Billboard  His entry in the list brought down a position to disk "Sex and Love", the Spanish Enrique Iglesias, now in second place, followed by " Formula: Vol 2", Romeo Santos of bachata in the third.

Further down in the eleventh position, the disc appears "One on One: Tangos in the manner of Vicente Fernandez" in which the legendary Mexican singer reinterprets this Argentine musical genre with his unique style.

In the sixteenth place also debuts "The history of my hands," the Carnival Band .

Ricardo Arjona also dominates the list of Latin Pop Albums by placing "Journey " in the first place and, again, causes "Sex and Love" down to the second , while " Fool for Love" , Juanes, fell the second to the third.

Meanwhile, the album won more positions belongs to the Christian genre. It´s "My heart sings songs of praise, songs of praise vol. 2", a collection of religious themes in the voices of various artists.

" Apnea", the first single from the new album by Ricardo Arjona, rose from third to first place in the list of Latin Airplay, which collects the most widespread through Spanish-language radio issues.

The bachatero Romeo Santos, who held that position with the theme "I hate" now ranks second. "Adrenaline" the collaboration of three Puerto Rican superstars Wisin, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez, also lost a position and dropped from second to third place.

Given below for the song "Dancing" with Enrique Iglesias Descemer Good and Gente de Zona, which begins to move up and up to fifth from the thirteenth week.
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Spanish and Guatemalan with Kany García, Juan Luis Guerra, Gilberto Santa Rosa are among those vying for Latino American gramophone.

The Recording Academy announced the list of nominees for the 2011 GRAMMY U.S. edition to be held on 11 February next year and will be broadcast on CBS.

Poquita Ropa de Arjona compite por el Grammy al Mejor Álbum Pop Latino Rapper Eminem leads the shortlist with 10 nominations, followed by Bruno Mars, with seven. Do not get left behind Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, with six each.

Katy Perry and Beyonce also took up the competition and, as expected, Justin Bieber reached his first nomination as Best New Artist.

Rihanna and her ex, Chris Brown, competing on the same slate as Best Musical Collaboration. She for the song "Love The Way You Lie" with Eminem and him "Deuces" with Tyga and Kevin McCall.

Latinos also did their thing in this issue GRAMMY. In the category of Best Latin Pop Album Ricardo Arjona were nominated by Poquita clothes Alejandro Sanz by Paradise Express, Julieta Venegas and another thing, as well as Alex Cuba and Kany García.

In the category of Best Tropical Album has been nominated El Gran Combo from Puerto Rico, Juan Luis Guerra, Gilberto Santa Rosa and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra.

Within the category of Best Latin Rock Album compete Draco and Grupo Fantasma, while Hector Martignon Latin jazz, Chucho Valdés Pablo Aslan and compete in that category for the golden gramophone. The veteran band Los Lobos is competing for Best Rock Instrumental Album.
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faces you the versatility of music in Spanish are preparing for the 52nd Grammy Awards on Sunday, when before the televised gala with the stars Anglo, Paulina Rubio, baby, Aterciopelados, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and sit as Calle 13 an award nominees off camera.

The faces of the versatility of music in Spanish are preparing for the 52nd Grammy Awards on Sunday, when before the televised gala Star Anglo-Saxon, Paulina Rubio, baby, Aterciopelados, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Calle 13 nominees to sit as awards off camera.

El - 5to Piso- de Ricardo Arjona nominado a mejor Album Pop Latino The Cuban trumpet Paquito D-Rivera arrives on Sunday with two nominations for these prizes to be given at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, where the crooner Ricardo Arjona, the reggaeton Wisin y Yandel and to Peruvian Juan Diego Florez tenor among the postulates the honor of the Recording Academy the Latin American exponents.

In the category Best Latin Pop Album, Guatemalan Arjona won a nomination for "5th Floor", the Mexican Rubio, for "Big City Pop"; Francisco Cespedes, for "Remember the Spanish ..."; La Quinta Estación by "No Brakes" and the Mexican Natalia Lafourcade, by "Hu Hu Hu".

This year the Recording Academy to reward reduced one category items and 109 Latinos united three genera in the same row: Best Album Alternative, Rock and Urban Latin, where they will compete "Rio", Aterciopelados, "and" Baby, "The coming behind me," Calle 13, "The light of rhythm", by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and "The Revolution, "Wisin y Yandel.

The Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Florez was nominated for Best Classical Vocal Performance for "Bel Canto Spectacular," a composition in which he participated Plácido Domingo, while D-Rivera was nominated in the category Best Instrumental Composition Jazz on the theme "Borat in Syracuse" and best classical album merger, for "Jazz" clazz ".

The 52nd Annual Grammy Award winners include three areas dedicated to the genera Mexican Norteña, Banda y Regional, where the Spanish compete Shaila Durcal and Vicente Fernandez, among others.

In the race for Best Tropical Latin Album were nominated "Asi Soy" by Isaac Delgado, "Cycles" by Luis Enrique, "Guasábara" by Jose Lugo Orchestra, "Thanks," Omara Portuondo and "Bach In Havana" Free Time.

Winners in these categories and the Best Classical Music Album, Best New Age Disco Disco Kids, are announced at a ceremony outside the cameras hours before the televised broadcast of the great festival of world music.

Beyoncé tore 10 nominations, including Album and Record of the Year, followed by the younger Taylor Swift is emerging as a rival weight with eight nominations and after a year of record album sales and recognition awards from other Americans.

The album "I Am .. Sasha Fierce" Beyonce made of the popular artist to lead the award nominations which nominated her song "Halo" for Record Of The Year and Song of the Year for "Single Ladies", among other items reserved for the music performed by women.

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