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With its foundation "Adentro" Ricardo Arjona opens its second primary school in Guatemala.

The musician opened a few days ago a primary school in Guatemala to help children who need it most. The school is named "Enrique Castillo Monk" in honor of the Guatemalan businessman who financed it and is the second school that opens singer in his homeland as part of its work on its foundation "Adentro".

 Arjona y Fundación `Adentro´ inauguran segunda escuela primaria para Guatemala
    Located in the municipality of Alotenango, in the department of Sacatepequez, in the southern region of the country, school and primary education will also focus on muisca and art.

 Arjona y Fundación `Adentro´ inauguran segunda escuela primaria para Guatemala
    Among the things he said in his opening speech, Arjona said that "Schools are arranged generating new real opportunities, not just painting them (...) Schools are arranged building them well and paying close attention to the educational system."

 Arjona y Fundación `Adentro´ inauguran segunda escuela primaria para Guatemala
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"I love this return to be Profe. One of the best days of the year. Foundation in a reality", published the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona on his Twitter along with a photograph that appears surrounded by children playing guitar .

With total secrecy and accompanied by private security, songwriter Ricardo Arjona Friday visited the School Inside Nohemí Arjona Morales Ixcanal village located in St. Augustine Acasaguastlán, El Progreso.

 Ricardo Arjona, Comparte momentos importantes con los chicos de su escuela   It was learned that Arjona attended the campus room accompanied by several people with recording equipment so it is assumed that the artist captured scenes for inclusion in a possible video clip.

 Ricardo Arjona, Comparte momentos importantes con los chicos de su escuela   Nery Ortiz and Byron Jerome, members of the Community Development Council of the village indicated that since morning, members of the National Civil Police (PNC), guarding the place.

 Ricardo Arjona, Comparte momentos importantes con los chicos de su escuela
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This Friday the first batch of students graduated School Foundation Inside, the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, in the village Ixcanal in San Agustín Acasaguastlán, El Progreso

Arjona seeks to involve various sectors in the construction and maintenance of more centers specializing in music and sports in rural areas of the country.

 Primera promoción de estudiantes de música de la escuela Adentro, apadrinada por Arjona  Poverty and the dirt road leading to the village contrasts with the modernity of the school, which is named after the singer's mother, Naomi Morales de Arjona, who died on December 4, 2013.

Arjona paid for the project by $ 1 million -Q7.8 million- and refused assistance from any institution, since the idea of ​​the work is that more people are added to improve the education of children, so that always makes the call to work in unity.

Choosing the Ixcanal village to build the first of 20 schools in the Inside Foundation was not random, because in that place the artist's parents, who worked together for the ministry of Education met.

The school Nohemí Arjona Morales is in a poor village of San Agustín Acasaguastlán. The building was constructed in an area of ​​35 thousand square meters, at a cost of $ 1 million, a Q7.8 million.

It has eight classrooms to accommodate 200 students, library and computer center and equipped.

Has a studio with musical instruments, and a sports court.

In the morning works with pre-school and primary education, while in the evenings taught music lessons, singing and sports.

Ixcanal part of the Dry Corridor, which often is news, of poverty and hunger suffered seasonal residents throughout the year.

Last April the works for the construction of the second school of Inside Foundation, which will work in the village of El Porvenir, San Juan Alotenango Sacatepequez, 95 kilometers from the capital began.

Unlike the first, which was built by Arjona, the new will be called Monge Enrique Castillo, founder of Pepsi Guatemala, now CBC, company funding the construction of the work.

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Guatemalan singer participated in the start of construction of the second school of its foundation, `Inside´.

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona participated in the start of construction of the second school was founded, Inside, financed his home country.

Ricardo Arjona, presente en el inicio de la construcción de la segunda escuela a cargo de su fundación, Adentro Arjona symbolically placed the first stone of the building next to the president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina, who accompanied him in the place where the study center will be built in the municipality of San Juan Alotenango department Sacatepéquez, 94 miles southwest of Guatemala city.

"Today is a day of immense joy for me, because what we dream begins" Arjona said during the ceremony.

Inside The foundation, created by artist, opened the first of 20 schools in Guatemala Arjona plans to open over the next six years, with the aim of promoting the development of Guatemalan children in January.

The first research center founded in January in the department of El Progreso ( 90 kilometers northeast of the capital), is named after his late mother, "Naomi Morales de Arjona".

Perez Molina during the ceremony thanked the initiative and also congratulated Arjona " to return to his country" to "motivate many people".

Ricardo Arjona mark the path and makes us dream many Guatemalans, added the president.

The school plans to teach primary school in the morning and topics related to the arts and sports in the afternoon.

The school building will also feature a private finance company of soft drinks, which contribute around one million dollars.

The school, located in the village of El Porvenir, will be called" Enrique Castillo Monge" in honor of the great-grandson of the founder of private enterprise.

Arjona, songwriter issues like was you and women, recently released the video for Apnea, first single from his new album, called Journey, which goes on sale on April 29.
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