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The musician and composer Guatemalan positioned in the first place for its Travel Tour

Ricardo Arjona has managed to generate a loyal following throughout the Americas. With 30-year career, singer, musician and composer landed in America again presenting his latest album, Journey, released last April, giving rise to their tour called Travel Tour.

 Ricardo Arjona, lidera la taquilla con sus conciertos en Estados Unidos
    The website Billboard released the monetary figures as convocatoria- both handled at these concerts. And to the surprise of many, the Guatemalan singer was placed in the position No. 1 on the weekly roundup of tours obtaining $ 3.6 million in ticket sales over the last five places where he played for four weeks.

 Ricardo Arjona, lidera la taquilla con sus conciertos en Estados Unidos
    Follow John Mellencamp with U$S 3065173, Londoners Fleetwood Mac with U$S 2,991,472 and 1,260,753 Elton John which earned dollars. But his tour and reached 13 cities in the Anglo-Saxon country and sold 84,047 tickets in 14 shows raising a total of 9.3 million.

After passing through Mexico, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, landed in Miami on February 27. The American Airlines Arena was where there was the convener show expecting 12,113 spectators. But if we talk about money, the location where he was raised in New York, at the legendary Madison Square Garden, reaching $1.6 million on March 8.

In the ranking of the highest grossing Latin artists of the year, is ranked second in the footsteps of the dual rotates between Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull reached 15 million in the first two months.

As shown, Arjona is not only an artist played on the radio and music channels passing music, is also a convener of multitudes strengthening the idea that music is to hear it live.
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