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The Guatemalan singer lay his extensive tour on 4 December, with a show at the stadium of Velez Sarsfield, the neighborhood of Liniers. The tour covers over 17 countries and over a hundred concerts, becoming the sixth largest gathering.

The musician promises to make one of the greatest put on stage in Latin America, which will give a recital of two hours, which combine the most intimate songs of the singer with explosive moments.

Details. The tour, which already saw more than a million and a half viewers, arrives in Buenos Aires with a stage over 20 meters high, over 200 robotic lights, a stage set that recreates a train station where Arjona will star : special effects and giant LED screens with Ultra High Definition designed for large stadiums.
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The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona will start on August 7 at the Coliseum of Puerto Rico the second leg of his "Journey".

The Tour de Ricardo Arjona Travel continues to position itself as one of the best shows in the world. On this occasion it took the # 6 position among the most lucrative world tour, according to Pollstar magazine.

  El Chapin is the only Latin artist who is placed in the top 10 positions among artists like Fleetwood Mac, Maroon 5, Lionel Richie and Ed Sheeran among others.

This tour was successfully presented this past weekend at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. With these two presentations totaling 8 Travel Tour presentations in the auditorium and 54 presentations in total in the prestigious Colossus of Reform.

The acclaimed staging has already been visited 15 countries and has been seen by over a million people. Journey Tour soon reach Colombia where he will stop in Bogota, Cali and Medellin, and presented on August 7 at the Coliseum in Puerto Rico the second part of this tour in Puerto Rico.

Then the Travel Tour prepares to return to United States after the success of the first round where he appeared in 13 cities and was named by Billboard Magazine as the tour # 1 in the US

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The artist released his most recent album, Journey, last May, a record that was born a few trips made ​​without a fixed place to escape and to find himself

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona perform in Miami (Florida) as the first stop of his tour of the United States "Journey Tour", reported today its representatives.

 Ricardo Arjona, empezará sus conciertos en Miami y recorrerá 13 de las principales ciudades de Estados Unidos  The concert will take place at American Airlines Arena on February 27, will be the first in a tour that will visit 13 major cities, including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

The artist released his latest album, "Journey" last May, an album that was born a few trips made ​​without a fixed place to "escape" and to find himself, as expressed during the promotion of the album.

"Journey" was ranked first on the list of Billboard Top Latin Albums, an achievement that banished from the first position to the disc "Sex and Love" by Enrique Iglesias Spanish.

After his appointment in Florida, Arjona act during the month of March on the stages of Chicago (6), New York (8), Phoenix, Arizona, (14), Las Vegas (15), and perform several concerts in the state Texas, where he will perform at El Paso (13), Hidalgo (18), Dallas (20) and Houston (22).

Arjona will end their tour in the state of California, in the cities of San Jose (26), Los Angeles (27 and 28) and San Diego (29).

For this tour, Arjona will feature more than 200 people to set up a scenario that includes 40 tons of material on the scene, 200 robotic lights and LED lighting of a giant screen, high resolution, inter alia, representatives explained in a statement.

The singer, who is known for addressing issues such as love, racism and immigration, recorded his album "Journey" in different studios in New York, London, Miami, Guatemala and Mexico.

The artist, with more than 20 year career, has 14 studio albums, a live album 9 compilations and 43 singles, and also was ranked number one four times in the Top Latin Albums chart in Billboard magazine.

Arjona has a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Awards and two Billboard Lo Nuestro Award, among other honors
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The Guatemalan perform this Oct. 5, at 21, in the neighboring province Hurricane Club. Tickets are sold through the system Topshow

Ricardo Arjona closes its tour of the country offering a concert at Club Huracán Corrientes where last album "Journey" will be presented.

 Ricardo Arjona, cierra su<strong> gira</strong>  en Argentina, ofreciendo un recital en el Club Huracán de Corrientes "It´s a collection of memories, emotions, images and experiences made ​​song, giving life to the 14 previously unreleased tracks," said Arjona about their latest work.

The Guatemalan show will be this Sunday, October 5, at 21, where the singer will seek to delight the fans with Northeast traveled by all the successes of his career.

Ticket Prices:
Vip $ 1,400 + $ 150

Vip Media $ 1,100 + $ 120

Platea West $ 600 + $ 70

Platea This $ 400 + $ 50

General Sur $ 250 + $ 30
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In its fifth GEBA, Guatemalan seduced his fans with his new album, plus a review of their hits

In its fifth consecutive GEBA, and when you still have the last two to say goodbye to a marathon tour of federal capital, Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona songwriter showed Sunday that the romance with Argentine remains more relevant than ever, delighting fans with their classics, in addition to their new hits.

 Ricardo Arjona, entre amalgama de mágia y amor ofrecio su quinto GEBA consecutivo Minutes before 21, and a become a train station, bus station or subway platform, according to the effects of lights and digital set that featured great scenery, scene appeared in the Guatemalan jeans, short hair and hat, wielding a kind of antique bicycle with two Argentine flags, chanting "to the Moon bike" from his last job.

The stadium rose in shouts and chants euphoria that at times the singer made ​​her smile and interrupting others intimidated on stage. The venue for the show in the capital could not have been better with the train coming and going line, like an extension of the scenery.

"Journey", the second album produced under his independent label Metamorphosis, summarizes the experiences of Arjona, who confessed that after the death of his parents decided to travel through strange places that stimulated many ideas for that "ended up in a song."

Two years after the last presentation in Argentina, the singer who has sold over 20 million albums throughout her career, exhibited a show of great scenic display, where music mocked any pre or early review of the show.

Even Arjona own dedicated a paragraph to his "rival": "Here we have a space and time to avenge all our enemies out there, saying that the best revenge against them is that we spend well here´s at least one ratico. We are here to make it worthwhile, "said the author, triggering criticism.

"The problem," "Come with me to be alone", "Say No" and "When" climate ended up giving a windy night, then climb with a "Without you, without me," "Naked" and the new ballad "Invertebrate" which continued to "Skin Sin" whose video transmitted in the back of the stage was starring model Jesica Cirio.

The author, romantic letters but pessimistic when talking about relationships, mentioned the "welfare of the new couples that exist only in the beginning because then they become boring" to present "Cavemen" that drew new cries of fans, many wearing headbands shaped bone.

But undoubtedly far more complicit in the night he starred in "History of the taxi" beetle car included and "Lady of the four decades" when Arjona after reading the signs of the public invited him to a woman, Silvia, who has the stands struck with a luminous sign that read "I offer the rest of my life for one more night", referring to his new song "Skin Sin".

"I know and" It was you "performed by Puerto Rican guitarist and singer-songwriter Kany García, seemed close the handful of classics, when he introduced the new theme, and hit in Latin America," Apnea "which made the stadium vibrate again.

However, guitar in hand, and with a more intimate set that simulated a room, proposed to the public back to some songs "forgotten". That´s when filtered "taught me", "Your reputation," "You," and "I´m not really alone." To close, Arjona and his band returned to the stage with "Minutes" and "Women", with the two classic guatemalteco gave the finishing touch to a magical night for their fans.
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