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Ricardo Arjona introduced its new album "Turn off the light and hear"

Ricardo Arjona introduced its new musical production "Turn off the light and listen" which he described as "the most authentic of his career." The album can only be achieved in physical or through their website.  

"[This CD] is a way to put aside shared many nights to listen to no one the same things I wrote the best-sounding noises," she said the artist in a video posted on his official YouTube page.

The album features 16 songs from compilations of their hits in acoustic version and new lyrics written for this album; in each Arjona invites you to discover the story it tells.

We share the first single of this production, "Nothing is like You":
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Venezuela takes part in the video for "What little I have." The single was recorded in Honduras and shows the Central American country landscapes and the exotic beauty of this Venezuelan model.

Latin American Norelys was chosen by producer Metamorphosis to star in this new song from Guatemalan singer whose main message: "less is more". The theme highlights the importance of the little things of life and extends an invitation to enjoy the best of life.

 Norelys Rodríguez, fue escogida a participar en el videoclip de The selected location for the video shoot was the region of Roatan, off the coast of the Central American country. The story, which takes place on the beach and illustrates the lifestyle of the people on the seafront, showing a Arjona relaxed and wearing beachwear.

"This song is about the simplest things in life, like the aroma of coffee and being near the sea," said Norelys. He also said he was very happy to have participated in the filming.

The video has already been released and the song is part of Arjona new album titled "Journey," which already has in Venezuela with Platinum overcome 10 thousand copies sold.

"It's a tremendously fresh and hopeful song. It reflects a view of the beautiful part of what we have, "said Arjona regarding your new theme.
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The Guatemalan singer recorded her new video for "What little I have" with Venezuelan Norelys Rodriguez.

Ricardo Arjona is growing. After the success of his recent material sales Journey, the Guatemalan singer released her second single morning "What little we have," in which he talks about the simplicities of life and the things that are worthwhile. The music video was shot in late April on the island of Roatan in the Honduran Caribbean. The famous Venezuelan model, was in charge Rodríguez Norelys go along with singer and composer. In the scenes that the singer has posted on social networks is seen sharing Garifuna children and playing soccer. The video "What little I have" been waiting for thousands of his fans around the world. The simple Roatan recorded video will be presented this July 7. "The footprints of your bare feet, the smoke of coffee three false surrealist paintings, your laughter brings spring ... although time is fatal, the little that I have so little, but it is essential," says the new theme Arjona, which is grateful to each experience, however insignificant it may seem.

Ricardo Arjona, estrena su segundo<strong> sencillo</strong>  del album Viaje, llamado `Lo poco que tengo´
 "What little I have is a song that separates me a little of what they were doing, a tremendously fresh and hopeful song. It's a nice view on the part of what we have," quotes the singer in a statement.

This song has a more tropical genre, calypso style, and is part of Travel, her second independent album, which owns the label Metamorphosis. The album was released on 29 April, and in June, thanks to the success of their sales, managed to become platinum disc.

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The Guatemalan singer premiered the first single from his album Journey

a song apnea is the first single from the new album will be the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona titled Tourism. Starting today, the theme is heard through radio stations and Latin American social networks, after a campaign of expectation, which Arjona revealed verses of the song through their official website and their social networks.

Ricardo Arjona, presenta de su disco Viaje, su primer<strong> sencillo</strong>  llamado Apnea
   The community I live Guatemala ( facebook.com / VivoGuatemala ) and released the song lyrics from the weekend, while the ricardoarjona.com page yesterday appeared the image of a radio dial and click invitation to give this. Below stated that upon reaching 50 thousand clicks could hear a preview of the single.

"There are personal events that made me write this song. Text, word for word, is the result of what I saw and breathed being close to their stakeholders. Procession of love abandoned lasted 3 years and some months. Someday tell. I seeking the truth is that this analogy history of neglect because of memories, I found nowhere in the dictionary a word that was more consistent than Apnea" says Arjona by a brief statement.

"With all its etymology, and its Greek root, denial breathing, was the perfect synthesis of this story of love and absence that achieves its own claim through abandonment and surrender of the senses just to cure the agony of wonder what ever will", he adds.

Travel The album is the second to occur with his label Metamorphosis will be available in late April. The first album with the Guatemalan performed his own record company was independent, which toured in 2012 and 2013 that led to the main sites of America and some of Europe came off.

It is a century in this Tuesday night,
you hurt worse than the pain that was invented
the mirror throws darts reproach
Today begins what is already finished.

Hope went out the window,
Insomnia came to live here,
Yesterday he left everything pa " Morning
And tomorrow when I´m already gone.
I do not get to breathe
Apnea do since the day you´re not
Scratching the bubble in which you are not
Unable to breathe
Oxygen was here.

I gift this desperate song, I
Lackluster as Monday afternoon,
I fall to the bottom and collapsing into a tailspin
And I do not have the courage to be a coward. I

I do not get to breathe,
Apnea do since the day you´re not,
I fall to the seabed
Scratching the bubble in which you are not,
Unable to breathe
Oxygen was here.

Shipping to surrender and give up,
Downward spiral depth
Amnesia fighting for breath,
A desire to give up in solitude,
Oxygen hitting a wall,
The radar pulse without stumbling,
Collapses the heart at his mercy,
Die better remember.

I do not get to breathe
Apnea do since the day you´re not
I fall to the seabed
Scratching the bubble in which you are not
Unable to breathe
Oxygen was here.
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