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There are dates with special significance for Ricardo, and in this case will be doubly

Ricardo Arjona is now Argentina. Prepare carefully the end of his tour. The last presentation of the Travel Tour will be on December 5, in the Velez stadium. Undoubtedly, an important event. However, on December 5 and was recorded among the important dates for Ricardo. It was precisely 17 years ago, when he gave a presentation at the Hippodrome massive South to benefit the victims of Hurricane Mitch.

 Ricardo Arjona prepara el final de su gira `Viaje Tour´ el 5 de Diciembre en el Estadio Vélez
A gift for my country was the massive concert that had two objectives: to help raise funds for the reconstruction of houses for the victims of Hurricane Mitch. Besides, I wanted to provide an opportunity for those who could not afford expensive tickets, to see their live show. The tickets were worth Q10.

That presentation, in which 100,000 people were expected, and that, according to press reports, 80,000 arrived, took place at the South Racetrack. The charge of opening the show were Noris Barrios and wind.

Independent Gang fans remember that many came up to nine hours ahead "and made picnic" even though it was cold.

Ricardo was immersed in the tour No harm to others, and apart from the mass, presented four concerts in the Great Hall Efrain Recinos, the Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias, between 2 and 7 December.

Back to the present Journey's End
There will be no better way to remember this date to meet last season Travel tour, Ricardo began July 31, 2014, in Toluca. A week ago, the singer posted this message on his Twitter account: "The last leg of this trip to us (sic) led many returning us Argentina #Tucuman destinations to you.".

Siglo.21 publications in 1998
• November 30, arriving at La Aurora airport "Mitch gave me the opportunity to channel the cash to meet the largest presentation of my career."
• December 1, during the press conference: "I do what I can not listen to another to make a song."
• December 2, at the first concert, "I said nine years ago, when I went to Guatemala, still affirming:" I'm dying to return. '"
• December 5, to Jesus, not sustativo verb in the massive show sing: "Jesus is coming with soul in his hands, to sing to all my countrymen."

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Some 20,000 people attended the first of seven concerts the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona offered last night at Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires (GEBA) club, as part of his tour that will take him to Uruguay and Paraguay.

Two years after his last visit, Arjona Argentina returned to the capital to present the themes of his latest album and do a review of his 23 year career, which has 15 studio albums and two live.

 Ricardo Arjona, un impecable e inagotable en sus presentaciones enamoró a todo Buenos Aires  "It is no coincidence that we are here again. This was written, "he said in his first words addressing his followers, who welcomed him with a standing ovation just interpreted bike To the Moon, his new album theme Travel with which he opened his show.

Then followed Invertebrate sin Skin and Cavemen, whose introduction in the artist spoke about relationships, with beautiful early, between kisses and hugs, and how distant end, forgetting everything and alluding to the title of the song.

In the nearly two-hour show, Arjona moved from end to end in the breathtaking scenery of more than 20 meters high, the scenery was set in a train station with benches, bags and means mounted theatrically on two floors . That perfectly combined lights with images projected on giant LED screens, which served to accompany each of the songs performed by the Guatemalan joined.

The repertoire also lacked that intimate set en queincluyó the classics like Taxi History, Women, Lady of the four decades, Tell me no, Naked and Minutes, among others, which were coreadospor fans from start to finish .

When she played If the North is the South, Arjona accompanied the theme with images of characters like "El chavo del ocho", "Cantinflas", "The Grasshopper" and Frida Kahlo, among other figures, interspersed with beautiful blondes, President American Barack Obama and flags of the Americas.

Then followed songs like penguins in bed, I know, No harm to others, What little I have is so little and I love you.

For the final leg, Arjona chose to return to the beginning and made a set in which only was accompanied by a few lanterns, dim light, and his guitar, playing themes by popular demand, and pleasing them sang You taught me, Your reputation, A you and I'm not so alone.

Then he did an encore of Women and that song was fired closing the first of seven concerts, embarking on the same imaginary train that had come to GEBA, which will play the 19, 20, 21, 25, 26 and September 27, and then continue its tour of Uruguay (October 1), Paraguay (3) and return to Mexico.

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The singer will present her new album, "Journey" in the country. It will begin its tour on September 9 in Mendoza. Then he presented in Córdoba, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Salta, Santiago del Estero, Mar del Plata, Neuquén, Comodoro Rivadavia and Trelew.

As part of its Travel Tour, Ricardo Arjona returns to Argentina with everything: more than a month you will stay in the country, during which time he will be playing in eleven different cities. In Buenos Aires, will be no less than seven nights on stage presenting GEBA Journey, his latest studio album.

 Ricardo Arjona, estará mas de un mes en Argentina presentando su gira de conciertos denominada `Viaje tour 2014´ The new Argentina Guatemalan adventure will start on Tuesday 9th of this month at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza. On Thursday, 11 will perform at the Mario Kempes Stadium in Cordoba, and Saturday 13 will in Rosario, in the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa, Newell.

Then comes the string of concerts in GEBA: there will be from Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 and Friday 26 and Saturday 27.

On Sunday October 5 will perform at the stadium of Huracán Corrientes; Tuesday 7, Father Martearena Skip Stadium and Wednesday 8, Union Santiago Estadio Santiago del Estero. Then travel to the coast Arjona: Saturday 11th will be playing in the World Cup Stadium in Mar del Plata.

The Argentina leg of the tour will end in Patagonia: Monday 13 will take the stage of the Portal Shopping Patagonia, Neuquén; Wednesday 15 at the Municipal Stadium in Comodoro Rivadavia; and Thursday 16 at the Estadio Racing Club de Trelew.

The ticket prices range from $ 350 to $ 1500 and are sold in Topshow. Clients of Banco Santander Río receive a 15% discount and can pay up to three installments without interest.
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exclusive preview Before the arrival of the Guatemalan singer to the country with her ​​"Journey", Clarín attended one of his concerts in Quito, Ecuador. Here, details of which will be in a few days in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza, Corrientes, Salta, Santiago del Estero, Neuquén and Chubut.

Arjona hard pedaling Colosseum Rumiñahui of Quito and that is the best promotion of bicycles that can be done on a global level. Plus, if it is estimated that Arjona sold about 20 million albums throughout his career. The international tour "Journey Tour" puts the Guatemalan in a non-am-in-here-nor-am-from-beyond, perhaps capturing the essence of Don Facundo Cabral plan. And it does so on a stage of 180 square meters which resembles a train station, and not of any train. For Ecuadorian yes, it´s a training; for those who see it in a couple of weeks in Argentina it is our Rock Line paradigmatic. In other words, it could be inferred that the singer starts his journey in ... Constitution.

 Argentina, a la espera del `Viaje tour´ con toda la puesta en escena, que ofrecerá Ricardo Arjona Opens the show with "To the Moon bike," the new album. Far away from row 30-and by a stray bombín- might mistake the very Joaquín Sabina. Then come "Invertebrate", "Sin Piel", the catchy "Cavemen", "What little I have" and issues conocés but never before you´ve stopped Arjona: "It was you", "History Taxi", "Women" and "Acompañame to be alone."

You have to believe the guy when he swears like Argentina, and touching his cap went on Florida Street. The tour will travel all you want, but it is full of native references: the runaway train to add, for example, some kids acting a video-an alleged parting line where one of them goes Clarín reading and more precisely something related to the selection of Alejandro Sabella. Those details do not escape you because you´re from here. And not in there.

After you tell him to Ecuador next: You know how´s that blonde? "Do not". Jesica Cirio's, who took the last clip filmed by the singer, "Sin Piel".

This tour has scheduled 33 concerts throughout South America. For those who did not see The Wall, the staging is a blinding light and a world of inevitable references. And that blonde´s have? "No, no." That is called Sophia Zamolo. Model. Panelist. Argentina. The latter underscores it with stupid chauvinism.

The "History taxi" taxi arrives with a cotillion and classic stainless screaming. Arjona has a band of musicians from those to which looks seriously because they are "session players". The band adds a girl -rubia, obvious-that gives a certain touch of chanson melodies. Anyway Arjona´s voice has that kind of power one would recognize a Gustavo Cerati. It is difficult to make the second or folded choirs.

The stadium where more than 10,000 Ecuadorians is kind of Luna Park without bouncers. People settles into their seats and at best is ahead take a picture next to the stage. All these movements can be done with an astonishing freedom. Another difference: Ecuador is not oh oh oh oh or any other kind of interjection.

Two hours and hard beak recital and Arjona, who has the physical state of a Russian athlete, comes and goes regardless of height. His musicians have a return in La Paz was the one who jumped on stage. "For him, the ball always bends."

The truth is that Arjona reach 50 in much better shape than its battered woman four decades. Incidentally, later in an interview, that letter will tell you that deserves some tweaks to mind that life expectancy has improved considerably.

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Guatemalan singer is filming the video for the song "Skin Sin" from their new album, and opted for a sexy model to star our country.

Ricardo Arjona is filming the video for the song "Skin Sin", part of his new album titled "Journey" and to star chose a very sexy woman Argentina.

 Jésica Cirio, es la nueva Jesica Cirio turns out that is the new "Arjona girl." That took care of herself count on his Twitter account, which also took the opportunity to advance exclusive backstage images of "Your Ghost".

"Filming Arjona video clip from 6am ahhhh! Jaja A half hour sleep before moving day!" Told the model and TV presenter on his Twitter, and hung some pretty nasty images of what will be the video .
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