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The couple is together for four years and on Saturday gave birth to her first child, third singer, at Mercy Hospital in Miami.

The couple met in 1998 while recording the video clip tell me that no, not until July 2006, the Guatemalan official its romance with the model, and four days ago became parents.

Ricardo Arjona y Deisy Arvelo,  muy contentos con el nacimiento de su hijo The Sun was able to observe, solely, that the birth took place on Saturday at Mercy Hospital in Miami. Amid much Arjona secrecy and without any statements made, we find that the baby, the third son of the singer and former Arvelo, is male, given that the mother's room, number 5412, had only celestial globes.

According to data provided by the doctor who treated Deisy, Edward Fidalgo, both the baby and the mother enjoyed good health, so they left the clinic on Monday at 13 (Miami time).

HERMETICISM. Ricardo Arjona has always been very cautious with their personal lives. And this weekend, tried to take all feasible precautions for the birth of her third child was produced without the presence of the media.

During the hospitalization of his wife, Arjona was quiet but not wanting to talk to people who was in the clinic, let alone pose for them. All the time was isolated in a room specially designed for marriage and your outstanding women.

Is sparse and noticed a very different picture to which we are accustomed to seeing. And no wonder, was awaiting the arrival of a new child.

Such was the secrecy imposed on the couple, that information has not been filtered in any way. Actors only confirmed the news of the birth of third son of Arjona, showing that the secret kept under lock and key.

FOUR YEARS OF LOVE. She's pretty famous sides and understands his job as any. Venezuela, likes extreme sports and he realized that modeling was a good deal. Is 1.75 and its attractive and sports figure did not go unnoticed in view of the singer, who continues to inspire with the women in their forties. A few years after the hurricane passed through her divorce, the singer did believe in love and now, four-year relationship, became a father. Friends close to the couple say that among them there is great fellowship, she accompanies all
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The singer Ricardo Arjona and model Deisy Arvelo is expecting her first child.

The singer Ricardo Arjona and model Deisy Arvelo is expecting her first child. The news was revealed by the singer himself exclusively to Weekly Argentino in Miami.

Ricardo Arjona: The pregnancy rumor of the model Deisy Arvelo began flying in recent days. Apparently the girl would be in the third month of pregnancy.

Thus, Ricardo Arjona adds to the wave of celebrities who are expecting a baby. Julieta Venegas, who was first confirmed that expecting her first baby while Shakira and Paulina Rubio expressed his desire to become mothers.
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