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Venezuela takes part in the video for "What little I have." The single was recorded in Honduras and shows the Central American country landscapes and the exotic beauty of this Venezuelan model.

Latin American Norelys was chosen by producer Metamorphosis to star in this new song from Guatemalan singer whose main message: "less is more". The theme highlights the importance of the little things of life and extends an invitation to enjoy the best of life.

 Norelys Rodríguez, fue escogida a participar en el videoclip de The selected location for the video shoot was the region of Roatan, off the coast of the Central American country. The story, which takes place on the beach and illustrates the lifestyle of the people on the seafront, showing a Arjona relaxed and wearing beachwear.

"This song is about the simplest things in life, like the aroma of coffee and being near the sea," said Norelys. He also said he was very happy to have participated in the filming.

The video has already been released and the song is part of Arjona new album titled "Journey," which already has in Venezuela with Platinum overcome 10 thousand copies sold.

"It's a tremendously fresh and hopeful song. It reflects a view of the beautiful part of what we have, "said Arjona regarding your new theme.
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The concert was confirmed by a developer in the country and the label of artist, but did not specify the exact date when it will happen.

The last week of January 2015 will mark the return of Ricardo Arjona into the arms of his Costa Rican public, as this afternoon confirmed employees of the promoter and Metamorphosis Primo Entertainment, record label musician.

 Arjona, ofrecerá una gira el año próximo a sus fanáticos de Costa Rica
 By Leo Metamorphosis was Figoli who confirmed the news on his role art booking agent and manager of the current tour of Guatemala pop musician.

Paula Kaminsky, director of marketing Metamorphosis, said that after the massive success of the last tour of the Guatemalan people seek to be prepared with great anticipation for the concert.

"We are finishing narrow minor adjustments, but the exact date will be announced in the coming weeks," Kaminsky said.

The tour with the singer will visit Costa Rica is titled Travel Tour and is the successor to the successful Metamorphosis Tour, which broke attendance records in the country, after selling all the tickets for two concerts at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa, in August 2012.

In Travel Tour, Arjona promoting his fourteenth album, Journey, released in late April 2014. From the tour dates have been announced in Mexico, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina, among other countries.

The official web site of the musician, is hung schedule of the tour, but announced presentations arrive until mid-November; Costa Rica´s show is not included yet.

Primo Entertainment is an entertainment company that will start producing concerts in Costa Rica soon, protected under the Atom Ant Holding SA, incorporated in the Public Registry in March this year.

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The singer Ricardo Arjona shared some of the scenes from the video shoot that corresponds to the first single Apnea, including in the album of the artist Journey, due out on 29 April, under its seal Metamorphosis.

The singer Ricardo Arjona shared some of the scenes from the video shoot that corresponds to the first single Apnea, including in the album of the artist Journey, due out on 29 April, under its seal Metamorphosis.

Ricardo Arjona, compartió algunas escenas del film del video que corresponde a su primer sencillo, Apnea
   The topic describes an intense love story that captures the feelings that are created when that love ends.

" There are personal events that made me write this song. The text, word for word, is the result of what I saw and breathed being close to its protagonists. The procession of love abandoned lasted three years and some months, one day tell. The truth is that looking the analogy to this history of neglect because of memories, I found nowhere in the dictionary a word that was more consistent than apnea. With all its etymology and its Greek root, denial breathing, was the perfect synthesis of this story of love and absence that achieves its own claim through abandonment and surrender of the senses just to heal the torment wonder what never again", said Arjona.

In filming in black and white, on the beaches of Malibu and Matador in California, the singer makes his way carrying a luggage full of memories of what was and is no more.

As the protagonist, Sofia Zamolo Argentina model, embodies the feeling of the loss of a tireless love. She begins her desperate search to the irony of what has already ended.

Arjona´s script, directed by Carlos Perez ( Elastic People ), has more than 60 people in the filming.

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In 2012 his detractors invited through social networks to an anti- Arjona march under the slogan "No more false poetry"

The first 12 discs Ricardo Arjona marked different stages in your life. From those records that the artist might want to forget those who made ​​their reputation in the industry summit . But there was one more, as well as a new stage in the musical career of Arjona.

 Arjona, lanza su disco Independiente bajo Metamorfosis el sello de su propiedad
   In 2011 Arjona presented "Independent". The name has nothing to chance, say international media. And it explains that is a cry for independence from his own record label, Metamorphosis". ( The record ) is mine, well, just a group of friends that I risky ," says Guatemalan in his autobiography.

Although it seems to be aware of the risk involved in such a project, the time is more than suitable. By now you have the strength , money and fame to swim upstream confident. "The enemies generating independence are worth more than the friends that generates subordination " with this phrase defended his decision. Its independence is due, according to the artist, it was "participating in comedy who complain too much, and those who complain too are already tucked into the atmosphere of failure or are coming", he said in an interview Stories for crimped.

But Arjona unable to live any stage without shades. His metamorphosis was attracted to some conflicts. In 2012 his detractors invited through social networks to an anti- Arjona march under the slogan "No more false poetry". "I like the malicious people, not to fight them, but to show that to be bound by their own convictions is the only way", Arjona said about it. And, apparently, so will Arjona with his music no matter what they say.

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The new album Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona Arjona metamorphosis `live´, and was ranked number one in sales in AL

Only 15 days after going on sale, the new album Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, called "Live metamorphosis Arjona", and was ranked number one in sales in Latin America.

En 15 días `Arjona <strong>metamorfosis</strong>  en vivo´ ya es el número uno en América Latina
  On this album, the singer of "When" and "Come with me to be alone" shows the warmth and closeness with his audience, and overflowing emotions before, during and after each "show" featured as part of his tour in more than 20 countries, it was reported in a statement.

The material includes two CDs and a DVD player with 20 hits , including " The problem", "I love you", "Naked", "Lady of the four decades", "Taxi Story", "Animal Night", "The love", "Reconciliation", "I know", "It was you" and" Minute", among others.

In addition, the composer also narrates each of the images contained in the DVD and shows his feelings up and out of the scenes that ran during his " tour" and had a big production.

Moreover, Ricardo Arjona has projected this same material in cinemas in several countries of Latin America, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and Peru, among others.
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