Ricardo Arjona señora de las cuatro décadas

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After their successful tour of Spain, Ricardo Arjona Puerto Rican soil was made in order to satisfy the thousands of fans packed the Coliseum almost Jose Miguel Agrelot in Puerto Rico during the first two functions on the Island

For more than two hours, the Guatemalan singer-songwriter performed a score of his successes and some issues on its latest album, entitled 5th. Floor. The last time the artist was in the country was in 2006, as part of a tour "Inside."
Ricardo Arjona seduce al público boricua
The composer was supported by a band of eight musicians, plus a spectacular scenery, which included a giant screen at center stage, which simulated a "condominium" of five-story, projecting balconies and three-dimensional images of characters who were giving birth to a picturesque neighborhood daily.

After declining from a "lift" imaginary (creating the illusion fifth floor), appeared Arjona irreverence provoked laughter from the audience.

Arjona reserved his greatest hits for the final concert, crazy making the audience with classics such as Lady of the four decades, Minutes, Pending and Subject Penguins in bed, leave with Women. on stage to chant topics as The Mirror, to be alone Come with me, so I'm not really alone, naked, Without you, without me and hitting the bottom.

"There are terrible things. But it is not so bad being Jod ... because when you are Jod ... well, there is no other path that leads to nowhere other than being a little better. That is a good step . And if you want to get friends to good friends and always make sure you're well Jod ...", said Ricardo, whose

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Ricardo Arjona premieres simple promotional entitled "How it hurts." The item is included in the new studio album and unreleased songs titled "5th. Flat," which will be in the domestic market from November 18.

"From the fifth floor is the hope and nostalgia, sunsets and sad night neon. From the fifth floor is my ghost chasing myself and see the glory of pedestrians without destiny," the Guatemalan singer-songwriter in presentation of the album.

5to. Piso es el primer disco que edita el cantautor para la trasnacional discográfica Warner Music "5th. Floor" is the first record, which publishes the singer for the transnational record company Warner Music.

The projection of international Ricardo Arjona wine with "Jesus, no substantive verb", belonging to the album "Animal Night" (1992). Thereafter followed hits like "Women", "History of Taxi," "Lady of the four decades", "You know," "If the north outside the South," "Naked", "When", "Santo sin," " Minutes or more Recently "Once in a month" and "Penguins in bed", including on his album "Adentro" (2005).

"I consider myself the most irresponsible of the musicians and most of the writers crazy because it's the truth, I have very little respect to all the rules of grammar and rules of music. I'm very musically descuadrado sometimes, because you do even more If I want to say, "said the singer about his way of typewriters and adding:" I do not know if they are mundane or sublime, I do not know if they are interesting to others or not, the fact remains that are interesting to me. "

Fifty-platinum, three diamond and successful tours with each of its productions, backed a race that today is positioned in the "5th. Flat."

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The Mexican singer Alejandro Filio today disqualified quality Guatemalan composer Ricardo Arjona, and criticized his paisana Paulina Rubio, saying that its sole purpose is to profit and riding the trains back.

The troubadour, who will be presented this Saturday in the Chilean capital, and on Monday, 7 in Concepcion, 519 kilometers south of Santiago, criticized Arjona and the so-called "Golden Girl" in an interview released that day by the local electronic media " latercera.

Descalifica Alejandro Filio Ricardo Arjona and Paulina Rubio Com. "There are certain technical requirements for making music. The artists who compose songs and have no notion of rhythmic and metric not going to achieve well-structured verses and therefore not well constructed songs, "said Filio.

He indicated that this is the case Arjona "and added that the interpreter of" Lady of the four decades "is doing a lot of damage to succeeding generations with his music."

Filio, who came to Chile to present his latest production, "Pioneer of war", also criticized his coterránea Paulina Rubio, whose main aim as an artist, he said, is the profit and fame.

The interpreter of "coming to the Sun" and "One country," said that the music of Paulina Rubio is only committed to the fun.

"She is a girl who likes to have fun, he likes to make his life a scandal, in addition to riding the trains back.

If women were really well, I would have married, "he said jokingly composer.

Regarding your idea of a better Filio stressed that in his 30-year career has always sought "a song that was honest with supporting acts, reading truths, to interpret feelings and away from the profit and fame as a main purpose. "

Alejandro Filio, who arrived last Thursday to Santiago, found that "the relationship that I have with Chile since 1998-when he came for the first time - is very important artistically speaking, and I have made a commitment to its people."

"I think it is essential to give continuity to these visits and outreach to interpret my songs in a decent manner as possible," said singer-songwriter originally from Guadalajara.

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