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ho would say that the Mexican rock band Zoé who snatch the record of 11 submissions to the Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona, making 44 000 gather 310 people for 14 dates at the Teatro Metropolitan.

La banda de rock mexicana Zoé saca a Ricardo Arjona del primer lugar de las listas musicales Members of Zoe, who received double platinum for his "MTV Unplugged. Background Music" feel very proud to have broken the record and although they have only made 10 of 14 concert tickets for the four remaining shows are sold out.

"Fortunately sold out about two or three weeks that went on sale, faster than when they opened the first 10 dates," said Rodrigo Guardiola, drummer for the band.

Earlier this month, Zoe was described by a Spanish media as "the band's most popular and unique Mexican rock", which surprised the members because they were not aware.

"Oh yeah? Well good news," said Guardiola, showing surprise and joy.

"We are looking forward to throwing in Spain open eye on what you are doing Zoe and all the scene of bands in Mexico because we believe there are good suggestions and I think here we do not hear much of what happens in Spain and there is no find out what happens in Mexico, "he said.

The drummer should listen to Mexican talent from Spain, as it is a Vetusta Morla leader of the band moved independently in Spain. "They are our friends, they did a 'cover' Zoe 'the song' Poison ', if you have not heard búsquenla online because it is very good version," says Rodrigo displaying its simplicity.

The list also added to Dorian, Anni B Sweet and "a very good band," Love of lesbian, with whom he also had contact.

With 14 presentations and double platinum for sales of her album, even if the record industry is in crisis, Zoe believes that the tour has really helped people "from getting what is this record and want to have in your music collection, even though it is rare that people to buy CDs, so we are very excited to have achieved double platinum, "said Guardiola.


After 14 years of experience, the band overcame stage fright, but the public in some places the following getting nervous, as in Argentina and Chile. "They have a strong national rock and a long time have their own culture of rock, you have to earn the appreciation of the people (that) not only going to want to hear a song recorded, but you want to see live and that involves making several visits to respect the band, because that's really what you see is a group. "

Rodrigo confessed that "there are moments of great frustration and the thought of if you are able or not (continue in music), but it was not so bad, did not drop low mood, there was always a very gradual but noticeable growth. "

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