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Ricardo Arjona, came to Mexico as part of his "Southern Tour" with promoting his latest album "Travels".

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, mexiquense arrived at the airport to begin their stay in Mexico, at the start of his "Southern Tour" with promoting his latest album "Travels".

 Ricardo Arjona, ya está en México para dar inicio a la Gira de conciertos que promueve su último disco `Viaje´ In an interview, NOTIMEX Arjona said he is excited to begin the routine of the tour, "began rehearsals at Churubusco Studios, which are already installed, then we give the first concert in Toluca, where I've always started."

Arjona said that starting a new musical adventure, after a successful last tour that lasted two and a half years, and "it took me everywhere; know that what is coming is strong, because it will almost year and a half of travel, but the blessing to start here gives us luck. "

He stressed that it feels good to return to Mexico, accompanied by one of his sons. Also stressed that it is fortunate that life has enabled him to pursue this and to make the discs you want and how you want to defend them. Ricardo Arjona said he continues his selfless work to provide education and school to Guatemalan children.

"The concept of school is going well, is already running, we change the way of life of a microsystem in Guatemala, we invited the Guatemalan private sector and the international to join it to invade the country with thousands of schools, because there is no change in any nation but is through education, "he said.
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Metamorphosis World Tour The tour began yesterday at the Teatro Morelos, in the city of Toluca, Mexico, a sellout. The comments of joy from the fans through social networks did not wait. The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona started on the right foot a series of concerts that will take on tour around the world.

"Love is almost always better when it is elsewhere .... Now Playing "Love" at the Teatro Morelos, "released last night the singer on her Facebook page, in order to keep his followers updated.

 Ricardo Arjona, hizo enamorar al teatro Morelos en la ciudad de Toluca México "I do not tire of saying thank you, great show yesterday x aki in" the beautiful london "loves you and gives you millions of thanks x start" MWT "aki in Toluca, k was the best thing could have happened, have you compared , listen to great music, best songs (aunk muxos missed hits but still) was AMAZING, WONDERFUL ..... MORE sUCCESS MUXO, started ..... EXCELLENT TOUR WHERE YOU MORE??? IN TOLUKA, KTE little kick GAVE THE GOOD LUCK OF *****, ARJONA THANK YOU, THANK YOU "Abishai Morales.

"No words ... YOU AAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMOOOOO, super concert!" Lulu Cn.


"Great teacher, the greatest show I have seen k in my life. Ricardo Arjona my respects, 10000000% talent, "Cristian Gongar.

"Wuuaauu! grax x ARJONA tonight, .... thanks, I spend super amazing, sang non-stop every one of your songs and cried komo ...... you have no idea of emotion, pain, memories and more when asked if k someone of you were there happened something similar ... Muxa luck on your tour, you're the best ..... million thanks, "Abishai Morales.
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