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Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona begin next July 30 in Miami, his promotional tour for United States.

The tour, which includes 24 dates, presents her latest album and multireconocida entitled 5th floor. Ricardo Arjona portada de Quinto Piso

Some of the cities included in this tour is Orlando, Atlanta, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, San Jose, Boston and Las Vegas.

How to hurt the shell, also confirmed that be presented in the next edition of the Youth Awards will be held on Thursday, July 16 in Miami.
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It is the first step on the Spanish stages, but it is not an unknown, as highlighted in the poster of 'tickets sold out. " Ricardo Arjona is to present its "Fifth Floor" (Warner) and his way of conceiving music.

- Where is the "Fifth Floor"?
It is a fictional place, where he is living at the time of writing this work. But it was not a default case. I realized when most of the songs were completed that had inhabited />-Write many songs on the tour. The last year was great (lasting two years), which allowed me to be a long time in different places and stay in touch with many things. So this album is a collection of photographs of what I was observing, feeling and touching.

And now begins another, do not you get tired?
-Normally I do a tour of one year, I stop and I get into the studio to record the disc with what I have written throughout the show. When wanting to fifth floor. Then I did an exercise in memory to find out when he lived in a fifth floor, and suddenly, I remembered that it was in Madrid for many years. Belonging to a place to make a work like this was an interesting experience. The window shows what happens outside, and at the same time, you can see what is happening inside and talk about the ghosts that inhabit your world.

Ricardo Arjona: Al hecho de estar hundido le puedes sacar un provecho interesante - What was the process of creating this record?

- The theme "Nobody knows where it goes" is dedicated to 11-M?
Yes, but I do not want to seem like someone who is trying to look good. The truth is that this song is dedicated to the attack, but is based on the tour starts to become tired, finished, then I go to study, which over time also becomes tedious, but then start the tour ... But I like it. It would be terrible if all that time dealing with something that annoyed me.

One of the songs is called "bottoming", has come up there?
In life there are times you feel you can not give even a step forward. And I think it's the best. There is nothing in life like being sunk. Spain has been selected to start the tour?
We started in Mexico, in a small theater where they have started my last five tours, is like the good luck. I am a little superticioso. We decided to start in Spain because it is a challenge, we did not know what would happen and it is very interesting. he. My point of view of people who could not give his point of view. Treatment of people's lives before entering the car in which he was a terrorist.

-The song "How it hurts" is tough.
It is the story of a love that is still finished, which is the saddest of all. The company is a front for a divorced, but have an enormous amount of courage because they were masters of their own lives.

- Why

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The Mexican singer Alejandro Filio today disqualified quality Guatemalan composer Ricardo Arjona, and criticized his paisana Paulina Rubio, saying that its sole purpose is to profit and riding the trains back.

The troubadour, who will be presented this Saturday in the Chilean capital, and on Monday, 7 in Concepcion, 519 kilometers south of Santiago, criticized Arjona and the so-called "Golden Girl" in an interview released that day by the local electronic media " latercera.

Descalifica Alejandro Filio Ricardo Arjona and Paulina Rubio Com. "There are certain technical requirements for making music. The artists who compose songs and have no notion of rhythmic and metric not going to achieve well-structured verses and therefore not well constructed songs, "said Filio.

He indicated that this is the case Arjona "and added that the interpreter of" Lady of the four decades "is doing a lot of damage to succeeding generations with his music."

Filio, who came to Chile to present his latest production, "Pioneer of war", also criticized his coterránea Paulina Rubio, whose main aim as an artist, he said, is the profit and fame.

The interpreter of "coming to the Sun" and "One country," said that the music of Paulina Rubio is only committed to the fun.

"She is a girl who likes to have fun, he likes to make his life a scandal, in addition to riding the trains back.

If women were really well, I would have married, "he said jokingly composer.

Regarding your idea of a better Filio stressed that in his 30-year career has always sought "a song that was honest with supporting acts, reading truths, to interpret feelings and away from the profit and fame as a main purpose. "

Alejandro Filio, who arrived last Thursday to Santiago, found that "the relationship that I have with Chile since 1998-when he came for the first time - is very important artistically speaking, and I have made a commitment to its people."

"I think it is essential to give continuity to these visits and outreach to interpret my songs in a decent manner as possible," said singer-songwriter originally from Guadalajara.

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In alliance with the Dominion winery argentina del Plata, the Guatemalan singer launched Holy Sin, a wine with the name of its popular song.

It is not the first artist bets on the wine market, nor will be the last. Gérard Depardieu, with its own winery, is an example for many others. But that Ricardo Arjona has benefited from the success of Santo Pecado, one of his most famous songs, to launch a wine, surely will have many imitators whether the project amiss.
Ricardo Arjona test luck with vino
The idea was born in 2000 in Argentina, "a bohemian night," according to Susana Balbo, winemaker and owner of Dominion del Plata, the winery associated with the project Arjona. The specialist assured El Periodico de Guatemala that the wine was produced from a harvest "good target".

As it could not be otherwise, the launch of Santo Pecado took place in the homeland of singer-songwriter, although its three varieties (two inks and pink) are marketed primarily in Argentina and Mexico.

The first version of Santo Pecado costs about 25 dollars, while the winery is preparing a premium that will range from 80 to 100 dollars a bottle. The revenue will be allocated to the Foundation Adentro, which Arjona created to help street kids.

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La agrupación de ska Panteón Rococó manifestó su orgullo de que intérpretes como Ricardo Arjona la soliciten para elaborar un tema que incluirá en su próxima producción.

In an interview with the media, Dr . Shenka vocalist Pantheon Rococo , said it is gratifying that an interpreter as Arjona "is set in the work of Pantheon."

If the north outside the south is the name of the topic at the Rococo who collaborated with the interpreter Nude .

" Was fun because we had no rapprochement with the songs Arjona and suddenly we came arriving on tour and we contacted for this issue, we made good idea and fun ," explained Dr. Shenka.

Moreover, he added that "we like to do besides many covers and transform them, to see how a song sounds like Arjona, but with Pantheon Rococo think that was quite chida because he liked a lot."

He said that so far the band has not had time to touch the item in vivo, since "the truth is that we have not had the chance for the tour, and thats because we already have our well-established show , but one of these days and see if we see an opportunity to estrenarla ".

"The bars and stars adueñan my flag, and our freedom is nothing more than a whore, and if the external debt we stole spring, the devil geography eventually borders.

"If the North outside the south, would be the same filth, I sing a rap song and this would not exist" is one of the stanzas of northern If outside the south.

On the other hand, noted that there are happy to end this year with enough work. " Closed with four presentations, this next Sunday, one more at a university in Mexico, one in Acolman and finally one where participate in an event devoted to so veracruzano ," he concluded.

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