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Terra Colombia accompanied the team Ricardo Arjona to mount one of his concerts. About 100 people work full time to successfully bring the show to his followers time.

behind each concert tour `Journey´; Ricardo Arjona, a team that works day and night to realize the scenario that the singer wants to present to his fans.

 Conoce el tras cámaras de la puesta en escena del `VIAJE´de Ricardo Arjona The musicians come to rehearse once ready most of the scenery and can concentrate on the sound. Before there equipment boxes only, in less than twelve hours, become one of the most striking set scene in time as regards concerts.

Accompany a long day of installation at the Movistar Arena in Chile, where we saw how the production team takes care of the details so that everything goes as planned, and attendees enjoy a visual feast of first class with the latest technology. (More than 40 people traveling with Ricardo Arjona).

Here, a look at the assembly `Viaje´

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The National Consumer Service asked those responsible to confirm the realization of scheduled concerts in Santiago.

The National Consumer Service (Sernac) began a process with producer Fenix ​​Entertainment Group Chile and ticketera Point Ticket, to know the reasons for the suspension Ricardo Arjona concert in Vina del Mar.

 Sernac, investiga motivos que causó la suspensión de <strong>conciertos</strong>  de Arjona, en Santiago In addition, the institution will consult those responsible for the realization of events programmed by the artist in Santiago between 3 and 7 September and mechanisms to return the money and the compensatory measures adopted.

Before the suspension of the concert was going to make the singer in the city of Viña del Mar on Saturday 30th August, wrote to the producer Sernac Fenix ​​Entertainment Group Chile and ticketera Point Ticket.

This is the body responsible for organizing the event to communicate the reasons for the suspension of the concert; the number of consumers affected and the mechanisms to repay in full the money to those who could not attend; addition to compensatory measures for the benefit of users.

Furthermore, due to the uncertainty by performing five concerts scheduled by the artist from Wednesday September 3 at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Sernac asked companies to report promptly confirmation of these events.

The National Director of the agency, Lamartine Ernesto Muñoz explained that before any show, companies must be professional and have the obligation to fulfill the objective conditions reported or publicized.

The authority said that before the suspension of the show, change the contracted conditions or any breach, consumers are entitled to be refunded all fees paid, including the service charge as they have ratified the same courts in several cases, said Muñoz .

Once you have the information, Sernac take appropriate action to protect the rights of consumers affected, Muñoz emphasized.

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The song "What little I have" is part of his latest album.

To Honduras, specifically in the region of Roatan, Ricardo Arjona came to record her new music video of the song "What little I have." The single is part of her latest album, "Journey", with which already undertook a concert tour of Latin America.

 La región de Roatan, fue la elegida para grabar video de la canción `lo poco que tengo´  Highlights the beautiful scenery of the place, especially the beaches, which are accentuated to the rhythm of this tropical theme with arrangements calypso-style images. Sequences participated in the Venezuelan top model Norelys Rodriguez.

"People who live here near the sea life looks just like the song says. So we wanted to film here, to be surrounded by the beauty of the place and its people, "said Guatemalan singer in a press release.

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Given the demand for the two concerts that give the singer in our country on 03 and 04 September a new concert date opened for September 05. Tickets for the new date will be sold starting this Sunday, June 1 through Puntoticket and Hites system.

After selling more than 15,000 tickets for two concerts during the early days of sale, singer Ricardo Arjona, a third presentation held at Movistar Arena, which will be held September 05 at 21:00.

 Ricardo Arjona, alarga la gira en Chile y ofrecerá un día más de concierto Such is the success achieved by the Guatemalan singer in our country, which after his presentation of his new album "Journey" and perform live "Apnea"-a special and intimate way in the Municipal Theater of Santiago-this is a most requested songs on Chilean radio, being the no.1 several radio stations.

Since then, the singer has continued to have visitors in their Youtube videos and that is why today, has a new show for 05 of the same month.

The presentation that made Ricardo Arjona occurs in the context of a Latin American tour that will visit Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay and Chile, countries in which the occurrence of the same phenomenon and the artist has also added more dates.

"Journey" is a different product, where the artist worked with 6 producers to achieve the best result, showing from traditional, authentic artist ballads to more tropical themes, as a salsa singer where versatility contrasts, both as a songwriter and interpreter.

Tickets for the new date will be sold starting this Sunday, June 1 through Puntoticket and Hites system. The ticket prices range from $ 20,700 to $ 213,000.
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The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona begin on August 20 his world concert tour, which started in South America with his latest TRIP.

The Tour will begin in August in South Ecuador, 20 in Guayaquil and Quito 22, will follow the 27 in Lima, Peru. He will continue his tour with two dates in Santiago, Chile, on 03 and 04 of September. You will pass through Montevideo, Uruguay October 1 and 03 by Asunción, Paraguay.

Ricardo Arjona, inicia su gira mundial desde la mitad del Mundo, en Ecuador y continua por Perú, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay y Argentina His tour of South America will have 5 dates in Argentina starting on September 09 in Mendoza, 11 in Cordoba, Rosario 13 in, 17 in Buenos Aires and Corrientes October 5.

The Journey, which went on sale last April 29 and whose first single is titled Apnea, disco has had great acceptance with the public becoming more # 1 in 9 countries.
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