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Monday December 30, 2015, is the day chosen to say goodbye to this tour, which has caused a sensation in the world.

The successful tour of our # Orgullo502, Ricardo Arjona, and concludes on earth does the singer caused endless feelings.

 Arjona, elige el 30 diciembre para despedirse del tour, que ha causado furor en el mundo
 Monday December 30, 2015, is the day chosen to say goodbye to this tour, which has caused a sensation in the world.

The Argentine newspaper "Clarin", spoke with the Guatemalan in Lima, in an intense moment with Elinat Rozenwasser entertainment journalist.

According to the publication, Arjona visited 18 countries, making 120 presentations, attended by over 20 million people.

Here we leave you 12 curiosities of this interview, which will bring us closer to our # Orgullo502:

1. The Guatemalan shares the end of the last performances with his son Richard.

2. Since his stay in Argentina became addicted to the national drink of the southern country: the "mate".

3. Confess your "syndrome of the tour", which consists of bags to undo and re-do. "The first 5 months of preparation are terrible and the first two months of concert are worse, then it gets fun," he adds.

4. Is workaholic.

5. The Guatemalan shared a Elinat, finding no work in Mexico began working as a production assistant, and that seemed interesting music industry and more could not be recorded, this led him produced himself.

6. The equipment for the staging of the show needs four trailer trucks to be transferred from country to country.

7. The singer admits he never looks at the first row, knowing that consists of "sponsors" or people who actually "do not want to be there" and that often do not follow their work. "I never stay with the eye stuck in one place, I try to see everything as one.

When asked the reporter asks about being in control, Ricardo says, "Always be in control is bad for you, but it's worse for those who work with you because they get used," he continues, "If you do not mention that you are dropping a light or something is igniting the guys think is right and that is wrong, then you have to give up control.

8. "Journey" was considered the most lucrative US tour by Billboard magazine, and No. 6 worldwide by Pollstar.

9. About Love online says: There are certain things that give a connotation to literature, music or love, that does not give you the technology.

10. Arjona is finishing mixing their new album, one that you like the most to do in his career and will be ready before the end of the year, adding that rescues all the songs that were overlooked in earlier works alongside other unpublished.

11. Affirms that "Quesos, Cosas, Casas" is one of the most important songs for him and no one knows what it is. "There are songs that singer very unnoticed."

12. To repair Arjona seeks refuge in Guatemala, Argentina besides commenting that changed his life, so he decided to conclude their presentations especially in that country.

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The Guatemalan singer lay his extensive tour on 4 December, with a show at the stadium of Velez Sarsfield, the neighborhood of Liniers. The tour covers over 17 countries and over a hundred concerts, becoming the sixth largest gathering.

The musician promises to make one of the greatest put on stage in Latin America, which will give a recital of two hours, which combine the most intimate songs of the singer with explosive moments.

Details. The tour, which already saw more than a million and a half viewers, arrives in Buenos Aires with a stage over 20 meters high, over 200 robotic lights, a stage set that recreates a train station where Arjona will star : special effects and giant LED screens with Ultra High Definition designed for large stadiums.
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The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona will start on August 7 at the Coliseum of Puerto Rico the second leg of his "Journey".

The Tour de Ricardo Arjona Travel continues to position itself as one of the best shows in the world. On this occasion it took the # 6 position among the most lucrative world tour, according to Pollstar magazine.

  El Chapin is the only Latin artist who is placed in the top 10 positions among artists like Fleetwood Mac, Maroon 5, Lionel Richie and Ed Sheeran among others.

This tour was successfully presented this past weekend at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. With these two presentations totaling 8 Travel Tour presentations in the auditorium and 54 presentations in total in the prestigious Colossus of Reform.

The acclaimed staging has already been visited 15 countries and has been seen by over a million people. Journey Tour soon reach Colombia where he will stop in Bogota, Cali and Medellin, and presented on August 7 at the Coliseum in Puerto Rico the second part of this tour in Puerto Rico.

Then the Travel Tour prepares to return to United States after the success of the first round where he appeared in 13 cities and was named by Billboard Magazine as the tour # 1 in the US

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In the coming days Inversohw announce the dates Travel Tour 2015 tour that will reach Maracaibo, Valencia, Caracas and Maturin

The tour of the Guatemalan songwriter Ricardo Arjona, Travel Tour 2015 will arrive in Maracaibo, Valencia, Caracas and Maturin and the production company Inversohw announce the date of the concert. Also soon be on sale tickets through My Tickera and Ticketmundo.

 Ricardo Arjona, muy pronto estará en tierras Venezolanas para presentar su `Viaje Tour´ del 2015   The last record material singer, Journey, was released on April 29, 2014 under the label of the record Metamorphosis of Arjona itself, and contains 14 written by the Guatemalan unreleased tracks. It also has the participation of producers Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez, the Cuban group Buena Fe, Martin Terefe, Ben Wisch, Dan Warner and Ephraim "Junito" Dávila.

The first promotional Apnea was in the number one position Record Report, while in Venezuela Travel disk exceeded 20,000 copies sold, making creditor Double Platinum, according to official data. It also reached the top spot on the list of Billboard Top Latin Albums, beating Sex and Love, the Spanish Enrique Iglesias. news.

The artist will perform in Venezuela their latest singles "Cavemen," "The little that I have", "Invertebrate", "Journey" "Skin Sin", he makes a tour of its iconic songs "No damage to Third Parties", "Tell me no "," Stories Taxi "," the problem "," Love "," Come with me to be alone "," If the north is the South "," I love you "," Minute "," I know "," women "," It was you, "among others.

Travel Tour The tour kicked off in August 2014 in Mexico, to continue through Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay. In February 2015, will reprise his musical journey in 13 cities in the United States and then submitted for the seventh time in the Festival of Viña del Mar in Chile on 22 March.
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The artist released his most recent album, Journey, last May, a record that was born a few trips made ​​without a fixed place to escape and to find himself

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona perform in Miami (Florida) as the first stop of his tour of the United States "Journey Tour", reported today its representatives.

 Ricardo Arjona, empezará sus conciertos en Miami y recorrerá 13 de las principales ciudades de Estados Unidos  The concert will take place at American Airlines Arena on February 27, will be the first in a tour that will visit 13 major cities, including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

The artist released his latest album, "Journey" last May, an album that was born a few trips made ​​without a fixed place to "escape" and to find himself, as expressed during the promotion of the album.

"Journey" was ranked first on the list of Billboard Top Latin Albums, an achievement that banished from the first position to the disc "Sex and Love" by Enrique Iglesias Spanish.

After his appointment in Florida, Arjona act during the month of March on the stages of Chicago (6), New York (8), Phoenix, Arizona, (14), Las Vegas (15), and perform several concerts in the state Texas, where he will perform at El Paso (13), Hidalgo (18), Dallas (20) and Houston (22).

Arjona will end their tour in the state of California, in the cities of San Jose (26), Los Angeles (27 and 28) and San Diego (29).

For this tour, Arjona will feature more than 200 people to set up a scenario that includes 40 tons of material on the scene, 200 robotic lights and LED lighting of a giant screen, high resolution, inter alia, representatives explained in a statement.

The singer, who is known for addressing issues such as love, racism and immigration, recorded his album "Journey" in different studios in New York, London, Miami, Guatemala and Mexico.

The artist, with more than 20 year career, has 14 studio albums, a live album 9 compilations and 43 singles, and also was ranked number one four times in the Top Latin Albums chart in Billboard magazine.

Arjona has a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Awards and two Billboard Lo Nuestro Award, among other honors
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