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The new album by Ricardo Arjona, Journey, and is on sale from today April 29

Viaje, Ya a la venta

Our great Guatemalan artist goes on sale today in his new album Journey, a world of freshness disc with 14 songs that enchanted us.

We've been savoring the last few weeks simple APNEA , advancement disc which opens in the present day.

So all ready to enjoy the new tour that is already beginning to smell on the horizon.

What do you think of the new album? We want to know your comments.

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Ricardo Arjona advance Monday the cover of his new album Tourism.

Portada Ricardo Arjona new album new album Viaje

Ricardo Arjona Monday gave the world premiere to debut, what a good way to start the week the cover of his new Travel. And we're eager to hear the entire new work Ricardo, after tasting weeks before the new single from Travel .

Tell us if you like the cover.

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Ricardo surprise us again, and this 2014 has already prepared a new album to call him, Journey.

Travel, Ricardo Arjona new album 2014

Great news for all fans of the Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona since reportedly preparing to launch a new album, which will be called "Viaje".

Arjona As explained in an interview by compatriot Héctor Sandarti, her album will be called "Journey" is finished and so will go on sale this year.

It was not immediately have details of new studio material, but we invite you to continue pending our publications for more information.

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Ricardo Arjona premieres simple promotional entitled "How it hurts." The item is included in the new studio album and unreleased songs titled "5th. Flat," which will be in the domestic market from November 18.

"From the fifth floor is the hope and nostalgia, sunsets and sad night neon. From the fifth floor is my ghost chasing myself and see the glory of pedestrians without destiny," the Guatemalan singer-songwriter in presentation of the album.

5to. Piso es el primer disco que edita el cantautor para la trasnacional discográfica Warner Music "5th. Floor" is the first record, which publishes the singer for the transnational record company Warner Music.

The projection of international Ricardo Arjona wine with "Jesus, no substantive verb", belonging to the album "Animal Night" (1992). Thereafter followed hits like "Women", "History of Taxi," "Lady of the four decades", "You know," "If the north outside the South," "Naked", "When", "Santo sin," " Minutes or more Recently "Once in a month" and "Penguins in bed", including on his album "Adentro" (2005).

"I consider myself the most irresponsible of the musicians and most of the writers crazy because it's the truth, I have very little respect to all the rules of grammar and rules of music. I'm very musically descuadrado sometimes, because you do even more If I want to say, "said the singer about his way of typewriters and adding:" I do not know if they are mundane or sublime, I do not know if they are interesting to others or not, the fact remains that are interesting to me. "

Fifty-platinum, three diamond and successful tours with each of its productions, backed a race that today is positioned in the "5th. Flat."

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