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The Guatemalan singer lay his extensive tour on 4 December, with a show at the stadium of Velez Sarsfield, the neighborhood of Liniers. The tour covers over 17 countries and over a hundred concerts, becoming the sixth largest gathering.

The musician promises to make one of the greatest put on stage in Latin America, which will give a recital of two hours, which combine the most intimate songs of the singer with explosive moments.

Details. The tour, which already saw more than a million and a half viewers, arrives in Buenos Aires with a stage over 20 meters high, over 200 robotic lights, a stage set that recreates a train station where Arjona will star : special effects and giant LED screens with Ultra High Definition designed for large stadiums.
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The Guatemalan singer, record-breaking in the GEBA Stadium, added a last show on October 18

After seven show s at GEBA Stadium filled with over 200 thousand spectators, Ricardo Arjona announced today a new farewell show in Buenos Aires, on 18 October.

 Ricardo Arjona, a manera de despedida, ofrecerá un recital más en Buenos Aires  Tickets for the final concert of the Guatemalan singer will go on sale this Tuesday, September 30, at 10 am at Topshow .com.ar or the stadium box office.

The "Journey Tour 2014" will also tour Arjona to more than 11 cities, all Sold Out. Corrientes, Salta, Neuquén, Santiago del Estero, Mar del Plata. Comodoro Rivadavia and Trelew.

A show in which blend perfectly intimate moments "Guitar in hand, few lights and some classic" Hits with those where no person is sitting. Taxi History, Women, Lady, Tell me No, Naked and Minutes. The lights perfectly combined with the images projected on giant LED start on a gorgeous scene, gave each song a theatrical framework.

 Ricardo Arjona, a manera de despedida, ofrecerá un recital más en Buenos Aires

 Ricardo Arjona, a manera de despedida, ofrecerá un recital más en Buenos Aires

 Ricardo Arjona, a manera de despedida, ofrecerá un recital más en Buenos Aires

 Ricardo Arjona, a manera de despedida, ofrecerá un recital más en Buenos Aires

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The singer is in the country presenting his latest album Journey. His fans enjoyed a highly anticipated night.

The Guatemalan singer has a long history full of various musical hits. The numbers make clear its path: more than 20 million records sold, 17 albums released, 15 studios and two live albums. Last night in Mendoza began his tour of Argentina. His fans enjoyed the concert.

 Ricardo Arjona, dio comienzo a su `VIAJE´ por Argentina en la ciudad de Mendoza His last production Journey, is a sort of collection of memories, emotions, images and experiences made ​​song. There are 14 new songs, all composed by Ricardo Arjona and has the participation of leading producers among those found Dan Warner, Martin Terefe, Ben Wisch, Ephraim "Junito" Dávila, Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez Cuban group Buena Fe.

Ricardo Arjona presented in Mendoza where fans enjoyed their great songs. The tour continues across the country by the string of presentations GEBA.

Upcoming Shows:

September 11, Cordoba, Mario Kempes Stadium.

September 13, Rosario, Marcelo Bielsa Stadium.

September 17, Buenos Aires, Estadio GEBA.

September 18, Buenos Aires, Estadio GEBA.

September 19, Buenos Aires, Estadio GEBA.

September 20, Buenos Aires, Estadio GEBA.

September 21, Buenos Aires, Estadio GEBA.

September 26, Buenos Aires, Estadio GEBA.

September 27, Buenos Aires, Estadio GEBA.

October 5, Corrientes, Hurricane Stadium.

October 7, Salta, Martearena Stadium.

October 8, Jas. Del Estero, Union Estadio Santiago.

October 11, Mar del Plata, World Cup Stadium.

October 13, Neuquén, Patagonia Portal.

October 15, Comodoro Rivadavia, Municipal Stadium.
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Leaving behind the rumors of suspension, the Guatemalan singer appeared before a packed Movistar Arena in the first of five consecutive show s to perform.

Five show s scheduled at the Movistar Arena-those were sold almost entirely to everyday- caused many to think he was crazy, but the "Journey Tour" amply warranted the sold out.

 Chile quedó encantado con el `Viaje tour´ al que los trasnportó Ricardo Arjona´ This Wednesday, Ricardo Arjona held the first stop of their transit through the capital and made before a delirious audience.

 Chile quedó encantado con el `Viaje tour´ al que los trasnportó Ricardo Arjona´ More than 12 thousand people came to campus to see how Beaucheff Avenue, past 21 hours, the Guatemalan and nine musicians left the train to delight a set of songs from his new plate "Journey" and the most recognized themes of his previous records.

 Chile quedó encantado con el `Viaje tour´ al que los trasnportó Ricardo Arjona´ "To the Moon Bike" gave the go-to party and came as a machine gun "The Problem", "Come with me to Be Alone" and a medley seemed a romantic karaoke.

 Chile quedó encantado con el `Viaje tour´ al que los trasnportó Ricardo Arjona´ A real train station was the scenery which hosted the show , which had a singer as the center of jeans and jacket, with a tremendous giant screen that made everything behind the voice of your business "Tell Me No", show ing video and images to support visually entertain the audience, mostly women, clearly, only.

The songs from his new album "Journey" also attended. So they sounded was like "What I´m Not," "Cavemen" and "Journey".

But the classics were the most anticipated of the night. 45 minutes and a car show stepped in to release the cries with one of the biggest hits of the artist: "Historia de Taxi".

From then on, the stories happened articulating with a mobile set that did not fail to surprise and songs that are in the collective memory of Latin America. "Lady of the four decades," "Afternoon (without liability)", "It was you" and his latest single, "Apnea", gave the finishing touch to a solid performance and studied.

After bis, which Arjona handled perfectly delivered to the crowd, came some topics "such big screen", as the artist said. "You taught me", "Bad Reputation", "I really am so Solo" and "Minute", leaving the end his ode to the opposite sex: "Women."

A round of two-hour show , to begin a week of performances in the country, days that clearly will not have large variations, but the right amount of music to charm the public and defend his overwhelming success in Chile.

Ricardo Arjona Setlit in Chile:

- "A Moon bike"

- "The problem"

- "Come with me to be alone"

- Medley ("Tell me not," "When?", "Without you, Without Me", "Naked")

- "Travel"

- "Invertebrate"

- "Skin Sin"

- "Cavemen"

- "Historia de Taxi"

- "Lady of the four decades"

- "If the North is the South"

- "Penguins in bed"

- "I know"

- "Sooner (No harm to others)"

- "What little I have"

- "I love you"

- "Apnea"

- "Were You"


- Medley ("You taught me," Your reputation, "I´m really not just")


- "Minutes"


- "Women"

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The singer will present her new album, "Journey" in the country. It will begin its tour on September 9 in Mendoza. Then he presented in Córdoba, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Salta, Santiago del Estero, Mar del Plata, Neuquén, Comodoro Rivadavia and Trelew.

As part of its Travel Tour, Ricardo Arjona returns to Argentina with everything: more than a month you will stay in the country, during which time he will be playing in eleven different cities. In Buenos Aires, will be no less than seven nights on stage presenting GEBA Journey, his latest studio album.

 Ricardo Arjona, estará mas de un mes en Argentina presentando su gira de conciertos denominada `Viaje tour 2014´ The new Argentina Guatemalan adventure will start on Tuesday 9th of this month at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Mendoza. On Thursday, 11 will perform at the Mario Kempes Stadium in Cordoba, and Saturday 13 will in Rosario, in the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa, Newell.

Then comes the string of concerts in GEBA: there will be from Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 and Friday 26 and Saturday 27.

On Sunday October 5 will perform at the stadium of Huracán Corrientes; Tuesday 7, Father Martearena Skip Stadium and Wednesday 8, Union Santiago Estadio Santiago del Estero. Then travel to the coast Arjona: Saturday 11th will be playing in the World Cup Stadium in Mar del Plata.

The Argentina leg of the tour will end in Patagonia: Monday 13 will take the stage of the Portal Shopping Patagonia, Neuquén; Wednesday 15 at the Municipal Stadium in Comodoro Rivadavia; and Thursday 16 at the Estadio Racing Club de Trelew.

The ticket prices range from $ 350 to $ 1500 and are sold in Topshow . Clients of Banco Santander Río receive a 15% discount and can pay up to three installments without interest.
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