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With a production that includes the biggest stage in Latin America created for a concert, which evokes an old train station, Ricardo Arjona returns to National Auditorium after five years of absence, now with its "Journey tour".

With a production that includes the biggest stage in Latin America created for a concert, which evokes an old train station, Ricardo Arjona returns to National Auditorium after five years of absence, now with its "Journey tour".

 Ricardo Arjona, y su viaje tour" será recibido por miles de fanáticos en el Auditorio Nacional "title=" Ricardo Arjona, y su "viaje tour" será recibido por miles de fanáticos en el Auditorio Nacional "class="FL" /> Due to the success of his first two shows of this tour in the Colossus of Reform, 21 and 24 October, the singer opened two more dates, 23 and 24 of the same month, which will undertake a musical journey through his extensive repertoire hits like "Taxi Story", "Women", "Lady of the four decades" and "Tell me not," and "Apnea" and "the little that I have", songs from his new album.

Arjona returns to National Auditorium venue that has witnessed their biggest hits live with this tour that celebrates 23 years of history in which the singer, considered one of the most successful Latin artists of recent times, has sold over 20 million records in his 17 materials published 15 studio and two live, which has merged rhythms ranging from pop ballads to latin, rock, pop, Cuban, Tejano and norteño.

The album "Journey" second recorded under the seal of his own label Metamorphosis and having Arjona on this tour, topped the sale in the first week of its release, it was number one in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Top Ranking Latino. Also, in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the rest of Latin America came to the top of units sold, receiving Platinum certification in Argentina and Venezuela. As for digital downloads in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico reached the top position on iTunes and Amazon.com during the first day of its release.

"Journey tour" will be one of the most extensive tours of the Guatemalan singer, will reach more than 20 countries with 300 presentations. His last tour, Metamorphosis World Tour, was seen by more than one million 500 thousand people, breaking attendance records sold out in places like the Argentine stadiums locations: Luna Park, Velez Sarsfield and Boca Juniors, and with this new tour Arjona seeks to overcome his own brand.

The Guatemalan singer is the third artist with more presentations in the Havana forum with 42 concerts.
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The artist released his most recent album, Journey, last May, a record that was born a few trips made ​​without a fixed place to escape and to find himself

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona perform in Miami (Florida) as the first stop of his tour of the United States "Journey Tour", reported today its representatives.

 Ricardo Arjona, empezará sus conciertos en Miami y recorrerá 13 de las principales ciudades de Estados Unidos  The concert will take place at American Airlines Arena on February 27, will be the first in a tour that will visit 13 major cities, including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

The artist released his latest album, "Journey" last May, an album that was born a few trips made ​​without a fixed place to "escape" and to find himself, as expressed during the promotion of the album.

"Journey" was ranked first on the list of Billboard Top Latin Albums, an achievement that banished from the first position to the disc "Sex and Love" by Enrique Iglesias Spanish.

After his appointment in Florida, Arjona act during the month of March on the stages of Chicago (6), New York (8), Phoenix, Arizona, (14), Las Vegas (15), and perform several concerts in the state Texas, where he will perform at El Paso (13), Hidalgo (18), Dallas (20) and Houston (22).

Arjona will end their tour in the state of California, in the cities of San Jose (26), Los Angeles (27 and 28) and San Diego (29).

For this tour, Arjona will feature more than 200 people to set up a scenario that includes 40 tons of material on the scene, 200 robotic lights and LED lighting of a giant screen, high resolution, inter alia, representatives explained in a statement.

The singer, who is known for addressing issues such as love, racism and immigration, recorded his album "Journey" in different studios in New York, London, Miami, Guatemala and Mexico.

The artist, with more than 20 year career, has 14 studio albums, a live album 9 compilations and 43 singles, and also was ranked number one four times in the Top Latin Albums chart in Billboard magazine.

Arjona has a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Awards and two Billboard Lo Nuestro Award, among other honors
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The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona returned to Costa Rica after his two performances in August 2012.

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona returned to Costa Rica after his two performances in August 2012.

 Ricardo Arjona, llegará con sus recitales a tierras ¨Ticas¨ en el mes de Enero Your next visit will be on January 30 next year as part of its Travel Tour, which has taken him to various Latin American countries.

The concert will be at the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa in Tibás, starting at 8 pm Tickets go on sale starting tomorrow, Wednesday.

The first access to the tickets will Credomatic customers who may buy it at prices ranging between 9,500 and 75,000 colones.

For other fans of the author of You're the one buying the tickets will be from October 20, with prices ranging between 12,000 and 80,000 colones.

The outlets are provided by the organizers and Servimás Credomatic.

"(Arjona) Get a great concept and an intimate show full of emotion and feeling as he likes," said David Rosenfeld, concert producer.

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News: After give 7 shows, the last, the farewell will be confirmed Estadio GEBA. A further and final show of Ricardo Arjona in Argentina in 2014 will be on Saturday October 18, 2014 at 21pm was confirmed.

A 2 years of what was their last show in our country (in May 2012 at Velez Sarsfield Stadium), the return was officially confirmed a new show Arjona in Argentina in 2014 will again in the GEBA Stadium Buenos Aires (located at Av. Col.. Marcelino E. Freyre 3831, height Av. Dorrego 3600) next Wednesday September 17, 2014.

 Ricardo Arjona, confirma vuelta en Argentina donde incluirá nuevamente sus recitales

Arjona in Argentina 2014

Finally, after many twists, turns, speculation, rumors, news halfway, and others, it was confirmed that we will have a show of Ricardo Arjona in Argentina in 2014 Central American artist returns to our land in the middle of a tour that shows they take over much of the globe and bring him back to a country that receives more multitudinously at each visit.

First did two shows at the Teatro Lola Membrives in early May (exclusive and intimate for fans members of "World Arjona") and now opened the game to a show at the Estadio GEBA that can be seen by all as part of "Journey Tour 2014".

Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales, whom we know better as Ricardo Arjona, a Guatemalan singer who knew how many records meet in our country (the most recent and striking that of the 17 shows in a row at Estadio Luna Park), will play Argentine soil with their international hits like Bad Reputation, Jesus, not substantive verb, if the north is the South, the woman I did not dream, I know you, I and Women.

Arjona´s show in Argentina in 2014 will serve to officially present our country in the last record material of Guatemala, which was launched a few weeks ago and is named "Journey". Come after its 5 shows in Boca in 2009, under the world tour "Fifth Floor". In between he presented "little clothing" (in 2010), and "Independent" (in 2011 and 2012).

Arjona dates in Argentina

Friday, 19 September 2014
Saturday, 20 September 2014
Sunday 21 September 2014
Thursday, 25 September 2014
Friday, 26 September 2014
Saturday, 27 September 2014
Saturday October 18, 2014 at 21pm. > LAST FUNCTION

Arjona tickets in Argentina

It began selling tickets in Argentina in 2014 Arjona Tickets can be purchased by telephone (4000-2800), on the official website, or in Topshow outlets in Argentina.
The ticket prices are:
Fans VIP: $ 1300 (+ $ 160)
VIP Gold: $ 1000 (+ $ 120)
Numbered Platea: $ 750 (+ $ 90)
Rear Stalls: $ 400 (+ $ 50)
Golf: $ 320 (+ $ 40)
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16,000 people attended the presentation of "Journey" in Central Park.

The Guatemalan singer offered a show of great brilliance technically, last Wednesday in Central Park for 16,000 people. "The Journey Tour" ended up with a stunning screen Led, bicycles and even a taxi scene.

 Arjona, ofreció un gran espectáculo en el Parque Central en Montevideo, ante 16 mil fans Ricardo Arjona bet on the latest technology for the concert tour that takes in Latin America and who went through a cold night in Montevideo. The staging was very different from that presented in his previous visit. He adapted to the times, deployed his artillery classics with a giant LED screen behind which covered the back of the stage 20 meters.

At times the atmosphere simulated a train station, and in other neighborhood with brick walls or road you came Arjona bike. Thus began the show: pedaling while singing the song to the moon cycle, from their new album Journey. Dressed in a black cap against the cold, the singer made ​​her sigh once more to his female audience and particularly women who completed 40 years.

Many of them, aware of the codes of Guatemala, were prepared with posters asking that took the stage.

"Arjona ran away from my husband to come and see you," it read in a red card in the VIP sector. Another claimed that "Although I am a vegan you would eat two loaves." But finally the artist chose that said: "I turned 49 and this is my last chance." In total there were three privileged who embraced the artist while sounding which could be described as a hymn to his discography.

The stage was equipped with a rail system that allowed two musicians also get pedaling; History came when the taxi suddenly entered a car.

Arjona well chosen repertoire that did not force the public to hear all the new stuff in one sitting but immediately after cycling to the moon, followed with hits like The problem, Tell me not, Come with me to be alone, When and Without you without me.

The vast paraphernalia Led also served to project some video clips of recent invoice. Apnea Among them, with the participation of Argentina Zamolo Sofia and the risk assumed by the singer threw himself off a cliff into the depths of the ocean on the beaches of Malibu and Matador in California, United States.

But it was not the only time they enjoyed the male representatives of the audience: during interpretation of skin sin video hot Jessica Cirio is displayed and when it arrived Journey (the song that runs through the body of a woman compared to various destinations) steps a body painting on a voluptuous figure he was.

In the lobby of the school pictures that helped build in Guatemala and a video made ​​especially for the occasion, with images of the suitcase that is emblematic of this tour, in corners of Montevideo were exhibited. Arjona was accompanied by six musicians (from Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico) than when they had the advantage of a chance to shine. The artist urged those present to have a good time because it´s the best way to take revenge on the enemy and considered young couples, among other topics.
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