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As part of Journey Latin America tour, the singer Ricardo Arjona will be presented at The AXIS Powered by Monster at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Sunday, March 15, 2015, at 8 pm. With over 20 million albums sold throughout his career, Ricardo Arjona is one of the most successful and respected artists in Latin America.

Arjona has released 14 studio albums recorded a live album compiled nine albums and 43 singles. Arjona four albums have reached number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and ten reached number one in Argentina. Arjona has launched its acclaimed TRAVEL Tour in the US in February in 13 major US markets, including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. The TRIP Tour is produced by Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), which produces concerts and sporting events worldwide.

 Ricardo Arjona ofrecerá concierto en el Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino  The AXIS Powered by Monster is the newly renovated theater of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, which opened on December 27, 2013 with the presentation of the first resident artist, Britney Spears and her show Britney: Piece of Me. It is housed inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, located on the famous Las Vegas Strip with 2,500 rooms, showcasing some of the best views in the city and endless options for shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife.
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For nearly an hour and a half he managed to apprehend the fans in the Coliseum. They sang and chanted each of its letters. Wearing a black coat and hat of the same color was seized with compliments.

Aboard a special bicycle, Ricardo Arjona came on stage the Coliseum Centenario in Torreon, the screams of excitement from his audience.

 Ricardo Arjona, deleitó a mas de 5000 fans presentes en el Coliseo Centenario en Torreón  Shortly after 21:30, the Guatemalan singer Marsh delighted his audience in his tour called "The Journey".

With great stage production, Ricardo Arjona pleased his loyal audience, about five thousand people sang their hits.

For nearly an hour and a half he managed to apprehend the Harriers fans, who sang and chanted each of its letters. Wearing a black coat and hat of the same color was seized with compliments.

The night began with Arjona singing backstage, his excellent musicians were the delight of the audience, singing "To the Moon bike".

The surprise came when after a few seconds, the singer appeared in a special ramp behind where musicians played.

This interpreter, one of the largest in Latin America, gave La Laguna in a romantic night, based on its success.

The scenario emulating a railway station in the Victorian era. In the background, gorgeous graphics train appeared. Also were seen nostalgic images of people waiting for the train.

Songs like "Tell me no," "Stories Taxi", "Lady of the four decades" for the tasty mature women, or "The problem," were present in the repertoire of Arjona.

With "Come with me to be alone", the lights went out, being the most acclaimed theme present in this musical event.

And of course, could not miss classics like "If the North is the South", "Love", "Sin Piel", "I love you", "Minutes" or "I know".

Emblematic from his peculiar style, Ricardo Arjona did not leave anyone disappointed in your presentation.
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We present prices concert Ricardo Arjona by Mexico this October to December 2014. Find out!

Ricardo Arjona will be in Mexico from October to December by her "Travel Tour". More than five dates have been announced for concerts and here, I will present the ticket prices.

 Entérate de la jornada y precios de los conciertos de Ricardo Arjona en México  Most of his concerts will be at the National Auditorium, one at the Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara and last in the Forum Mundo Imperial in Acapulco.

Prices concert tickets Ricardo Arjona in Mexico 2014

Auditorio Nacional, 21, 22, 23 and 24 October: from $ 50.00
Forum Mundo Imperial in Acapulco, November 16: $ 88.00
Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara, December 11: $ 60.00
Tickets are highly sought after and are almost exhausted.Hurry to get yours!
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With a production that includes the biggest stage in Latin America created for a concert, which evokes an old train station, Ricardo Arjona returns to National Auditorium after five years of absence, now with its "Journey tour".

With a production that includes the biggest stage in Latin America created for a concert, which evokes an old train station, Ricardo Arjona returns to National Auditorium after five years of absence, now with its "Journey tour".

 Ricardo Arjona, y su viaje tour" será recibido por miles de fanáticos en el Auditorio Nacional "title=" Ricardo Arjona, y su "viaje tour" será recibido por miles de fanáticos en el Auditorio Nacional "class="FL" /> Due to the success of his first two shows of this tour in the Colossus of Reform, 21 and 24 October, the singer opened two more dates, 23 and 24 of the same month, which will undertake a musical journey through his extensive repertoire hits like "Taxi Story", "Women", "Lady of the four decades" and "Tell me not," and "Apnea" and "the little that I have", songs from his new album.

Arjona returns to National Auditorium venue that has witnessed their biggest hits live with this tour that celebrates 23 years of history in which the singer, considered one of the most successful Latin artists of recent times, has sold over 20 million records in his 17 materials published 15 studio and two live, which has merged rhythms ranging from pop ballads to latin, rock, pop, Cuban, Tejano and norteño.

The album "Journey" second recorded under the seal of his own label Metamorphosis and having Arjona on this tour, topped the sale in the first week of its release, it was number one in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Top Ranking Latino. Also, in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the rest of Latin America came to the top of units sold, receiving Platinum certification in Argentina and Venezuela. As for digital downloads in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico reached the top position on iTunes and Amazon.com during the first day of its release.

"Journey tour" will be one of the most extensive tours of the Guatemalan singer, will reach more than 20 countries with 300 presentations. His last tour, Metamorphosis World Tour, was seen by more than one million 500 thousand people, breaking attendance records sold out in places like the Argentine stadiums locations: Luna Park, Velez Sarsfield and Boca Juniors, and with this new tour Arjona seeks to overcome his own brand.

The Guatemalan singer is the third artist with more presentations in the Havana forum with 42 concerts.
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The artist released his most recent album, Journey, last May, a record that was born a few trips made ​​without a fixed place to escape and to find himself

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona perform in Miami (Florida) as the first stop of his tour of the United States "Journey Tour", reported today its representatives.

 Ricardo Arjona, empezará sus conciertos en Miami y recorrerá 13 de las principales ciudades de Estados Unidos  The concert will take place at American Airlines Arena on February 27, will be the first in a tour that will visit 13 major cities, including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

The artist released his latest album, "Journey" last May, an album that was born a few trips made ​​without a fixed place to "escape" and to find himself, as expressed during the promotion of the album.

"Journey" was ranked first on the list of Billboard Top Latin Albums, an achievement that banished from the first position to the disc "Sex and Love" by Enrique Iglesias Spanish.

After his appointment in Florida, Arjona act during the month of March on the stages of Chicago (6), New York (8), Phoenix, Arizona, (14), Las Vegas (15), and perform several concerts in the state Texas, where he will perform at El Paso (13), Hidalgo (18), Dallas (20) and Houston (22).

Arjona will end their tour in the state of California, in the cities of San Jose (26), Los Angeles (27 and 28) and San Diego (29).

For this tour, Arjona will feature more than 200 people to set up a scenario that includes 40 tons of material on the scene, 200 robotic lights and LED lighting of a giant screen, high resolution, inter alia, representatives explained in a statement.

The singer, who is known for addressing issues such as love, racism and immigration, recorded his album "Journey" in different studios in New York, London, Miami, Guatemala and Mexico.

The artist, with more than 20 year career, has 14 studio albums, a live album 9 compilations and 43 singles, and also was ranked number one four times in the Top Latin Albums chart in Billboard magazine.

Arjona has a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Awards and two Billboard Lo Nuestro Award, among other honors
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